From Bags to Beanies: Let’s Get Your Winter Closet Ready!

Winter is going to be here before you know it, so you want to ensure your closet is ready for the season. You do not want to be left out in the cold when it is time to accessorize. Why not look into products such as straw bags and wool accessories? Whether you are carrying your essentials or keeping warm, you can easily find products that are stylish, durable and fitting of the season.

Are you ready to update your closet for winter? Be sure to check out the following must-have winter accessories.

Straw Bags

If you are looking to go with a different style this winter, consider carrying your essentials in a straw bag. While it may seem like a more appropriate accessory for spring or summer, you can actually use this bag all year round. Our bags come in a variety of styles to fit any season, such as the Star Rattan Backpack and Handbag for the holidays. If you would prefer a bag in a cooler shade, our White Star Straw Bag and Plain Black Straw Crossbody Bag are both perfect for winter. You can also insert a dark lining into a tan bag, allowing a cooler shade to peek through for the season. Regardless of which straw bag you choose, it is spacious enough to hold your essentials, with handles or straps to make carrying the bag a breeze.

straw bag for autumn and winter

Stylish Beanies

You cannot go into winter without a stylish beanie to keep you warm. We offer a wide variety of knitted beanies to add fashion and coziness to your closet. Our solid-colored beanies include black, white, aqua and pink. You can also choose a patterned beanie in several colors, such as a red, blue, grey and black pattern.


A beanie with a removable pompom is another stylish choice for winter, allowing you to remove and add the pompom to match your outfit. These beanies come in five colors, which are black, white, red, grey and dark grey.

Of course, a basic beanie is an accessory that can be worn all year round, or at least in the fall, winter and spring. It comes in several colors, including black, red and blue.

Every beanie is handmade of stretchable materials to ensure it is always a perfect fit. You can wear the beanie in a cuffed or slouched style, with a range of colors and patterns to create your own style this season.

Wool Scarves

Winter is not complete without a wool scarf, as it is cozy, warm and trendy. What you need is our Infinity Circle Loop Winter Scarf, which is designed to wear around your neck or on your head, or you can wear both styles together for maximum comfort. This soft, fashionable scarf comes in several colors to fit your wardrobe, including white, light grey and pink. You can start wearing your infinity loop scarf as early as fall.

Style with Wool Accessories

Each scarf is made with special knitting to ensure it does not lose its shape. Imagine wearing a white or black scarf with a matching beanie and straw bag. You are sure to look fashionable this winter.

Outstanding Accessories

Every item on this list is handmade in artisan villages with local materials to reduce the environmental impact, all while helping these communities. A group of talented artisans work together to create sustainable products for you to enjoy.

In addition to the eco-friendly materials, these products are made with durability in mind. The last thing we want is for you to purchase an item that is not made to last, and this is why we take our time to choose and work with strong materials. We also work hard to create beautiful, versatile products that can be used throughout the year, from our straw bags to our knitted beanies. Our products are also affordable, as we want as many people to enjoy our bags, beanies and scarves as possible.

If you are looking for outstanding accessories to use this winter, as well as throughout the year, be sure to check out handmade products.


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