Will Farmhouse Décor Go Out of Style?

Is farmhouse décor going out of style? In a word, No, and never will.

While many trends come and go, some more quickly than others, there are many styles that become extremely trendy, but end up staying for the long-run. Rustic farmhouse décor is one of those trends and it’s here to stay.

What makes this specific style more resilient than the rest? It’s history. The farmhouse trend has been around for a long time, already; designers are playing with items and ideas that have stood the test of time. This particular design is based off of homes that have been around for hundreds of years, whether you’re copying or incorporating the warm stone, weathered wood or dark wood beams that used to be of necessity rather than fashion into your home.

Homey Kitchens

When it comes to the farmhouse vibe, less is more and starting in the kitchen is the easiest. Rustic table décor is a chic way for people to add a little bit of simple beauty to their dining rooms without spending a fortune on updates. A vintage mason jar found in the basement or attic of your home can spruce up a table in no time. Add wildflowers, faux flowers, or pinecones to bring a little nature indoors.

farmhouse kitchen

A quick addition to the table can do wonders, but replacing the surrounding accents can change the whole room. You can update your existing wall décor with a mirror you may already have hanging. To get that rustic farmhouse décor vibe going add weathered wood around the mirror to frame it, painting it to get that worn-out look, or buying already weathered pieces. If you get tired of the greyish color, or aren’t into the aged look, painting it a brilliant white will brighten up your dining room without too much effort.

wall hanging mirror

Next Level Dining Rooms

China cabinets have been popular for years, and while they may dip in and out of the hot trend, they’re still classic pieces that will never truly go out of style. A beautiful farmhouse storage cabinet will look chic no matter what is trending on Pinterest. Go for a classic white cabinet, a soft colored cabinet, or dark rich woods that will look timeless.


farmhouse storage cabinet

To breathe new life into your piece, try adding marble accent pieces, or changing out the hardware on your cabinet. Your storage can happily match your rustic table décor, quietly sitting in the background, or become the showpiece of the room. Functional décor pieces are a must for those who live in smaller spaces, but if you don’t have room for a cabinet, a couple of baskets with wheels and handles can make a statement in any room and provide lots of storage.

Cozy Bedrooms

Because most rustic farmhouse décor is based off of vintage pieces, or are true vintage pieces, you know that most of the beautiful items you use to decorate your home have been handcrafted with love and will last for years and still look great. Many items are made out of durable wood instead of synthetic materials, especially if you’re going for a vintage piece, and a classic Wall Fan, hung as a rustic headboard in your bedroom makes a bold statement that can last generations.

farmhouse rustic wall fan as bedhead

Get in with the trend

If you’re loving everything farmhouse, but are still worried about trends, go for pieces that can seamlessly fit into your home for years. Dark woods, glass, whites, matte blacks and copper are natural accents that always look classic, so go ahead and add a little warmth to your kitchen with some rustic table décor because the trend is here to stay.


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