Why a Rattan Bag Should Be Your Travel Go-To

Traveling ought to be a liberating experience. In many ways, it shows you a side of yourself that’s more free than you ever thought, and it shows you a side of the world that eclipses expectations. In our opinion, traveling is the perfect prescription for a mind lost or a soul uncertain.

To experience travel in the most authentic way, we think it’s best to pack light. In doing so, you can have room for all the beautiful creations of cultures you’re yet to encounter without the burden of a heavy load behind your back. This means choosing just a few accessories that have a big effect on your travel wardrobe, and a rattan bag is one fantastic fashion choice.

girl wearing a rattan bag boho at a trip to a seaside place

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What Makes a Rattan Bag the Perfect Traveling Purse?

A rattan bag is a bag crafted from hand-woven straw or bamboo. In many cases, it’s made with a love that most other purses or satchels cannot match. Whoever the maker may be, there’s always a level of skill involved that shows many accessories unparalleled.

A Compact Crossover

Aside from its uniquely crafted qualities, a rattan bag makes for a perfect travel companion in more ways than one. When shaped as a crossbody bag, it’s compact enough for any excursion you may find yourself on, from the city to the countryside. Slide your phone, wallet, passport and any other necessities you may require right inside and you’re set for a night out, a long flight or even a day at the museum.

Novum Crafts Rattan Crossbody Bags

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A Chic Accompaniment

Sure, a rattan bag is a wise travel buddy, but not every one of your suitcase items needs to be wholly pragmatic. What about the style? In fact, a rattan bag encompasses a timeless aesthetic, one that competes with classic accessories like gold earrings and ballet flats. Moreover, it’s an addition that accentuates every outfit, from denim to dresses (see our blog post on the top 10 ways to style a straw bag). When traveling with a rattan bag, you’re going to get plenty of use out of your chattel.

A Crossbody with Cross-Cultural Appeal

When traveling, it’s important to be wary of other culture’s norms and beliefs. How are you dressing, and will it offend anyone? Of course, we’re all for freedom of expression, but we also know that respecting people and land is the number one rule of international travel. Fortunately, a fashionable yet refined rattan bag is minimalistic and natural enough to blend in with most every culture you can visit. Better yet, it does so without sacrificing a confident style you shouldn’t have to give up.

Style Tips and More for Traveling with a Rattan Bag

Bring a Matching Set of Sandals

If you’re traveling somewhere warm, you’ll want to be sure you’ve got the whole set of accessories down pat. If you pack your favorite pair of sandals, you’ll have prepared multiple outfits worth of add-ons without even trying. Simply switch up the clothes you wear alongside them for a totally new look.

Add Patterns to Your Travel Wardrobe

By traveling with a rattan bag, you actually free up quite a bit of room in your wardrobe for patterns. If you had decided to carry a floral purse or a bag with some sort of statement pattern, you would be forced to focus on basics in your luggage. However, a rattan bag is more neutral than many other bags, meaning you can throw in your favorite flannel, paisley sundress and leopard print sunglasses without having to choose between them!

Wear Your Strap Across Your Body for Security

A popular traveling topic is that of safety while wandering. This is particularly the case for women, whether alone or with others. By wearing your rattan bag strap across your body rather than just atop your shoulder, you’ll grant yourself an extra layer of security as you venture through subway stations, sidewalks and scenic vistas alike. While we always hope for kindness, it’s never a bad idea to be prepared, and a crossbody rattan bag can give you some serious peace of mind.

Pack a Compact Scarf to Dress Up Your Bag

If you don’t want to carry the same style of bag each day of your trip, we totally get it. To remedy this without having to pack a whole extra purse, you can easily fold up a bandana, scarf or neckerchief. That way, when the craving calls, you can dress your rattan bag in new and unique ways, making you feel like you’re carrying a whole new purse.

Buy a Rattan Bag That’s Been Processed

If you ever plan on traveling to an island like Australia, Bali or Big Island, you’ll find that you’re required to claim items that may contain soil or insects. To bring ease to your airport ventures, it’s best to purchase a rattan bag that’s been through some sort of natural processing. This ensures that your favorite purse will be able to accompany you for island time.

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Pack Separates for More Outfit Combination Opportunities

Even if dresses are your favorite thing in the world, packing solely one-piece outfits may limit your ability to mix and match in your travel wardrobe. By packing separates, you can literally multiply your outfit opportunities alongside your signature rattan bag. Rather than three unique outfits, you can have nine or 10.

Looking Forward to Your Travels?

If wanderlust has got the best of you and you’re getting ready to roam on out in the world once more, we’re happy for you! There’s not much more exciting than getting to see the world at large with your own eyes. With a reliable, stylish rattan bag by your side through every travel, you’ll be able to pack light and pack fashionably, wherever it is you’re jetting to next.

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