Use These Ideas To Create A Beautiful Modern Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom

Use these bathroom decor ideas to create a modern farmhouse bathroom that is both cozy and stylish.

If you are looking to change up the vibe in your bathroom, you may want to consider modern farmhouse bathroom décor. This way, your bathroom has the modern touches you need, but you are still creating a cozy atmosphere. You can start planning your modern farmhouse design by keeping the following bathroom decor ideas in mind.

modern rustic farmhouse bathroom

Stash Items In Storage Baskets

You are going to find that a woven basket for bathrooms can go a long way when you want to hide items such as toilet paper and personal care products. The baskets keep these items out of sight while adding a rustic style to your space. You can also look into wall-mounted wicker baskets to make accessing your toiletries or grooming products a breeze.

woven basket in modern bathroom

Go Clever With Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are a clever way to add storage because you are creating more floor space in your bathroom. The selection ranges from wall hang swing with rope to wall-mounted pieces. You can find floating shelves made of materials such as metal and wicker to add both style and durability to your bathroom decor.

floating shelves for modern rustic farmhouse bathroom

Floating shelves are perfect for toiletries, cosmetics, grooming items or decorative pieces.

Brighten It Up With Unique Lighting

When looking into bathroom decorating ideas, you need to be mindful of your lighting. You can use bulbs and candles to create ample lighting and set the mood, but you also need to make sure the fixtures fit your modern farmhouse design. A bamboo cage light bulb cover is a simple but stylish way to upgrade your light fixture, while a coconut candleholder lantern can help you create a warm glow in your bathroom.

lighting bathroom decor ideas

Embrace The Rustic and Bohemian (Boho) Designs

When creating a modern farmhouse design, it is best to embrace the rustic and Bohemian lifestyle. While you are mostly sticking to the modern farmhouse design, it also allows you to explore the boho farmhouse design for a little more creativity. For example, coconut bowls create a spot to store your jewelry as you shower and dress while adding a unique, relaxing touch to your space. A wicker rug adds both comfort and warmth to keep with your farmhouse design.

boho bathroom decor on a budget

Add A Touch of Greenery to your bathroom

Whether you are solely working with modern farmhouse bathroom decor or adding in Bohemian farmhouse decor, you can never go wrong with adding a touch of greenery. The best thing about greenery is it can work with just about any interior design. You can add a small houseplant or flower arrangement to your wall-mounted shelves, or you can display a bigger houseplant on a wooden stand near the window or in a corner of your bathroom.

greenery decorating ideas for modern farmhouse bathroom

If you are looking to design a bathroom layout that is both warm and stylish, look into various modern farmhouse bathroom decor ideas. Think of the modern farmhouse design as a way to add the best of both worlds to your space.


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