Top Bird Care Tips Every Bird Owner Needs to Know

If you’ve decided to get a pet bird, you need to learn basic bird care. This article is going to share some bird care tips that will help you meet your feathery friend’s needs.

Select the Right Cage

Your bird’s cage shouldn’t feel like a prison. Selecting the largest cage that you can afford and fit in your home ensures maximum comfort and freedom for your bird.

Carefully choose a good quality cage that won’t bend or break easily and isn’t too difficult to clean. It’s best to find one that is made of non-toxic materials.

select the right cage for bird is important

Buy Essential Accessories for Bird Cage

After you’ve selected the right cage, you will need to add a few items to it. Those items may include:

  • Food bowls
  • Water bowls or bottles
  • Perch
  • Bedding
  • Nest

Essential Accessories for bird cage

Keep the Bird Cage Clean

A large part of basic bird care involves cleaning the cage. Tackle the floor and bowls each day. You will need to do a more thorough cleaning about once per week.

Keep the Cage Clean

Feeding Your Bird

When feeding your bird, you could either buy food created for pet birds or you could make homemade meals for your feathery friend.

Whichever option you choose, speak with your avian veterinarian to make sure the diet you provide meets your bird’s nutritional needs.

Feeding Your Bird

Providing Entertainment

A bored bird will quickly become depressed. You can prevent depression and other health issues by letting your bird play with toys.

There are many bird toys on the market. But keep in mind that some of them are made of toxic materials. You should avoid those options.

This Coconut Bird Nest Cage is natural, safe, and will keep your bird busy as your pet climbs up and down the ladder.

In addition to providing toys, you should also make sure you spend enough time with your bird each day. You could even train your bird to perform tricks. This is one of the best bird care tips for keeping your pet mentally stimulated and boredom free.

provide entertainment for bird

Trimming Your Bird

Trim your bird’s nails whenever they feel too sharp. You should consider having your veterinarian do this for you, especially if you can’t see the quick in your bird’s nails.

trimming your bird

Image by Paul Bricknell / Getty Images

Some bird owners trim their pets’ wings in order to keep them from flying into dangerous objects or getting outside. But others don’t because they feel that it’s cruel to take away a bird’s natural ability to fly.

You must decide whether or not you will be trimming your bird’s wings. If you choose not to, make sure your bird only flies in safe, bird proofed locations.

Give Your Bird Privacy

We all need some time to ourselves. Your bird is no different. That’s why you should give your bird access to privacy.

The Woven Bird Nest Cage is the perfect hideaway for your small pet. It’s cozy, private, and made of bird-safe, non-toxic materials.

Give Your Bird Privacy

These bird care tips are only the basics. You will need to do more research. But the information in this article should give you a much better idea of what basic bird care entails.


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