Top 10 Ways to Style a Straw Bag

We’ve all got that one accessory we know we’ll always love. It’s timeless, stylish and neutral enough to go with a whole range of outfits. But there comes a time when you have to unearth new and creative ways to style your favorite blouse, blazer or bag.

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If you’re the proud owner of a classic straw bag, you’re one of many women who find the laid-back style to be appealing no matter the season. We don’t blame you, for ever since it appeared on runway seasons past, the straw and shape of a round rattan bag is a style we don’t think we’ll ever get over. However, if you’re ready to learn how to style your straw bag in ways that will bring excitement to your outings all over again, we’ve got 10 of them.

Way 1 to Style a Straw Bag: Wrap a scarf around the handle for a bit of flare

If you’re a unique person, you need unique accessories that belong to no one other than you. By shawling the handle or strap of your straw bag with a silk neckerchief, paisley bandana or a lightweight summer scarf, you’ll be literally rocking a brand new style. Change up patterns, textiles and color schemes to suit the outfit at hand, and don’t forget to have fun with it!

Way 2 to Style a Straw Bag: Go nautical with some stripes

If a straw bag could talk, it’d probably say something along the lines of “take me to the beach!” When paired with a simple set of horizontal stripes, a straw bag becomes the perfect accompaniment to a catamaran day trip or laid-back beachside dining experience. It’ll hold your go-tos within easy reach, too, so all you have to worry about while you’re out on the sunny town is the salty air around you.

Way 3 to Style a Straw Bag: Slip on a straw bag alongside rope wedges

When done right, parallelism in fashion can be a beautiful thing. Try pairing your naturally summery straw bag with classic rope wedges that are just as fond of the warm weather. Through this mirrored and monochromatic accessorizing, your outfit will be screaming breezy jaunts and sunset strolls. Use the straw bag as a carrier for your beach supplies or a crossbody for an evening out on the town.

Way 4 to Style a Straw Bag: Wear it with white

A straw bag can carry a variety of earth tones. From bright sandy hues to to rich bronze colorations, they’re beautifully natural. Whatever shade it falls under, wearing your straw bag atop white clothing is sure to make your purse stand out even more than it already does. Whether it be white skinny jeans, a white cotton sleeveless dress or another article that suits your style, a straw bag is certain to look pristine amidst the bright-eyed outfit.

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Way 5 to Style a Straw Bag: Take it to the other end of the spectrum with black

An all-black outfit is many a woman’s go-to style. From jeans to pumps to shades, there’s something that a rich, bold and slimming black can do that no other color can accomplish. However, with a straw bag beside the monochrome, you can enliven a black outfit like never  before. It brightens up an outfit that may have otherwise been destined for gloominess, and it gives your badass exterior a bit of tenderness, too.

Way 6 to Style a Straw Bag: Bring the straw bag vibe all together with sandals

Straw bags and sandals were practically made for each other. Both exude a confidence that says, “We didn’t try to be cool; we just are.” By wearing them together, you can inhale that confidence as you shop, dine and otherwise explore the world while feeling relaxed and comfortable.

Way 7 to Style a Straw Bag: Accessorize denim with a straw bag

Denim is, quite frankly, the most classic of relaxed textiles. You can dress it up, dress it down and dress it anywhere in between. With a straw bag alongside your denim fit, you can brighten up washed-out denim, give attitude to relaxed bootcut jeans or accentuate your fringed cuffs. In this day and age, denim can mean a whole range of styles, and your straw bag will be there alongside each one.

Way 1 to Style a Straw Bag: Pack your necessities for a trip to the gym

When heading to the gym, all you really need is a pair of headphones and your phone (for music that’s better than what they play on the loudspeaker, of course). A small crossbody bag is ideal for this kind of outing, and a straw bag does the job well. It’s chic enough that you can feel confident as you stroll into the gym, but not so dressy that it seems out of place.

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Way 9 to Style a Straw Bag: Maxi dress to impress with a straw bag

Maxi dresses are trans-seasonal style elements that many ladies wear in stride. They’re elegant while retaining a relaxed element. Moreover, they’re a statement piece that stands strong on their own without the addition of a load of accessories. Throw a stylish straw bag over your shoulder and your maxi dress outfit will be complete easier than you ever thought possible.

Way 10 to Style a Straw Bag: Contrast the summery straw with a cozy sweater

So, sweater weather has come, but you’re not quite ready to dive head first into autumnal accessories. We get it; it can be difficult to give up the wayfaring freedom that summertime allows. Alas, we think we have the solution your wild soul has been seeking. Style a straw bag by pairing it with a just-cozy-enough sweater and you’ve got yourself a fashionably juxtaposed ensemble. You and your straw bag will be dressed in a category all your own.

Style a Straw Bag Like a Pro

You don’t need a ton of different accessories to be a styling queen. A chic accessory, like your favorite straw bag, can be made new again with just a little inventive thinking. By storing these tips for how to style a straw bag, you’ll be en route to every adventure carrying confidence, the most important accessory of all.


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