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The Rundown on How to Use & Care Your Banneton

Breadmaking has been around for centuries, proving itself to be one of the oldest forms of making sustenance there is. Homemakers didn’t always have the luxury of having a banneton at their disposal, but the ones with access to one of these bread-shaping baskets have always been ever-so-grateful. If you’re ready to use your banneton …

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how to use and clean a banneton

Banneton Proofing Baskets: How To Use And Care

Great and beneficial as it is, bannetons are not difficult to make use of. Inna, our dear friend and customer, who has enjoyed baking sourdough with our bannetons collection, will guide you through the steps of using a proofing basket.
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The Official Sourdough Flour Guide

One of the key changes that can greatly affect the flavor profile of a homemade sourdough loaf is the decision that needs to be made before the oven is ever turned on: selecting the right bread flour. From the popular all-purpose to the unique spelt, this sourdough flour guide will cover the best flour for sourdough bread.

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