Table Settings Etiquette Used Around The World

Learning the various table settings from around the world can be helpful for dining at authentic restaurants, as well as planning the table setting etiquette for your own dinner party.

Whether you are planning a dinner party or visiting another country, it never hurts to learn the various rules for table settings. You may find that some table settings around the world have their similarities and differences. Learning about these settings can help you prepare to use various pieces, plus it can help you find the right pieces for your own dinner party.

If you want to try something new and authentic, or if you are planning a trip to another country, it never hurts to check out the following table settings etiquette from different countries.

table setting etiquette

Table Etiquette in The United States

In the United States, you may use wicker bowls and baskets to display your bread. However, the bread is placed on small bread plates when it is time to serve the food. As for your dinner plates, you can look into table settings with chargers. Charger plates are placed under the serving plates to enhance your dining table decoration, and they come in a range of designs to provide ideas for decorating for a dinner party. The serving plates are going to be used for your meal.

table setting etiquette in united states

Table Etiquette in Japan

As we go through table settings around the world, we are going to move on to a Japanese table setting. The dishes and bowls are usually round and smooth, and they come in smaller sizes, so they are easier to pick up and use. For your own dinner party, you may decide to invest in round wooden bowls, as they are stylish, eco-friendly and fit the Japanese table setting. The dinner plates come in a rectangular shape and are for serving food. As for table settings etiquette with chopsticks, you can place them on the rest with their points facing the left, but never leave them in your bowl.

table setting etiquette in japan

Table Etiquette in Britain

There are several rules for table settings to remember if you are serving or being served wine in Britain. White wine is served in a large glass with a longer stem, and you are going to hold it at the base of the stem. It is also served with chicken or fish. Red wine is served at room temperature in a glass with a round bowl and shorter stem, and you are going to hold it at the base of the bowl. It is also served with meat. Depending on the wine, a wooden wine rack stand can be useful in displaying your wine bottles and wine glasses, as well as enhancing your dining table decoration.

table setting etiquette in britain

Now that you have learned several table settings around the world, you are going to be prepared for your next trip or dinner party. Remember, these are only a few rules for table settings, but it is easy to find the rules of etiquette for different places.


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