Styling a Straw Bag for Every Season

When you think of a straw bag, what is the scene that plays in your mind?

Perhaps it’s summertime, a gentle breeze blowing through your hair that’s been knotted with mists of saltwater. Maybe it’s a stroll in backless sandals down Main Street, where you’re hoping to spend the afternoon hopping from mimosa-laden brunch to local shops. While these beauteous scenes are something worth imagining, that’s surely not all there is to a rattan straw bag.

If you love the straw bag style concept as much as we do, you may be wondering how to broaden the horizons of your favorite purse. You can, in fact, break the status quo that others have placed on fashion by incorporating a straw purse into every season’s wardrobe. And you can do so with grace, style and effortlessness to boot.

girl styling with straw bag

Straw Bags Were Born for Summertime

Summer is a woven bag’s paradise. Summer is where the straw bag began and flourished. If you want to style a straw bag for summertime, you don’t have to do much, but there are tricks for making this look all your own.

Try playing with the shapes of straw bags you bring into your wardrobe. You don’t have to stick with the traditional tote that many beachgoers flock toward. Round compact crossbody bags, flat-bottomed shoulder bags and even see-through totes peppered with intricate woven details are all available, so long as you do a bit of digging. By switching up the shape of such a timeless accessory, you’ll prove that your fashion taste is a force to be reckoned with.

Fashion Forward With The Classic Straw Bag

You can also pair your straw bag with bright-colored clothing. White denim is a favorite of ours for its ability to evoke feelings of a laissez-faire summertime. Together, the two prove that you can feel free and look chic in one sitting. If that’s not your thing, try nautical horizontal stripes or slip-on sandals of a matching hue.

Styling a Rattan Bag for Autumn

Autumn is a time of change. It reflects a beauty in impermanence, and it does so with utmost color as the leaves slowly drift to the earth’s floor. We think this season is so fun to style for, what with the layers needed for chilly nights and the vibrant earth tones you get to mirror.

To style your favorite straw bag for the fall, try slipping a tonal paisley bandana through the strap. If the strap is leather, this look will feel especially congruent. Look for bandanas in colors of maroon, aubergine, mustard, avocado, red clay or olive. Your options are endless, and you can always switch up the scarf with the outfit you choose for the day.

girl sitting with a straw bag

A straw bag in autumn looks great with a loose, button-up cashmere sweater. The slightly wool-esque texture goes well with the firm shape of the rattan purse, balancing out the look as a whole. An ankle bootie and oversized scarf only serve to enhance the ‘do. With that, voila! You’ve got yourself an autumnal straw bag.

Winter’s Take on the Woven Accessory

We love breaking rules of fashion for our own benefit. Who says you can’t bring straw into the winter season? Not only can you do so, but you can make it look as natural as it feels.

A fun tactic for fitting your rattan handbag for wintertime is opting for a bag with a darker-colored interior lining that peeks through the outside. Black lining with white polka dots is a great option as it deepens the mood of the bag without going overboard. With this unique alteration, you’ll have an easier time matching your straw accessory with your seasonally appropriate wardrobe.

straw bag for autumn and winter

On that note, styling a straw bag for your winter wardrobe is quite simple. Pair it with monochromes like all-black outfits made from cotton and denim. The bag’s structure will complement these colors and textiles in a way that’s only flattering for the wearer. And a modest rattan purse really tones down a badass black boot to bring balance to your ensemble.

Spring and Straw Go Hand in Hand

Springtime has an aura of rebirth, new beginnings and a lighthearted nature. If you choose to keep your straw bag in hibernation over the winter, breaking it out of storage can be an invigorating thing both for your wardrobe and your spirit. All you need to do is learn how to style it for the season at hand, and you’ll be en route to a flourishing style.

girl with straw tote bag

Here’s another take on the interior lining of your straw bag. This time, look for multicolor floral prints, whether they be of a pastel or vibrant demeanor. The printed flowers will peep through the weaving of the rattan tote or crossbody. It’ll mirror the springy season at hand and showcase your enthusiasm for the revival of a flowery world.

Even if the weather isn’t full on warm yet, you can always get away with a maxi dress in spring. This is great news for the straw bag, for it looks stunning beside a full-length sundress. Cover your shoulders with a light sweater or denim jacket if you wish, and top it all off with a boater hat for a remarkable outfit.

Straw Bags Really Are for Every Season

See? The rattan straw bag is so versatile that it even eclipses seasonal bounds. It’s one accessory that’s really worth having in your closet and keeping accessible year-round. While you can always switch up the interior lining, or add unique frills to change up the exterior aesthetic, this type of bag is bold despite its neutrality. From summer to winter and back again, styling a straw bag for every season will prove to you that the straw bag is one accessory that will gracefully endure.

straw bag and denim style


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