Straw Accessories: The Ever-Evolving Trend

Whether or not you pay any mind to pop culture, there’s no avoiding the latest trends. They walk the streets, they strut the stores, they show themselves in every time and place. Some stay only for a moment, but others latch onto cultures as if they have something to give, something to say. Straw accessories just so happen to be a part of the latter population.

Straw add-ons have been around for decades, but they’ve always managed to express themselves in unique ways. As of lately, the rattan accessory reigns in beachy ensembles and summertime fits. Here’s how to spot it, how to wear it and how to make it yours, whatever the occasion.

What’s The Straw Appeal?

For many, straw (or rattan) is right up there with denim. The material itself is timeless, even though it expresses itself differently through every fashion era. Moreover, it’s subtle, without the overt attitude that materials like velvet or even wool portray. All the while, it remains a wholly natural fiber, with a limited impact on the environment, especially when handmade far away from any fast fashion factories.

With all these benefits, it’s no surprise that rattan cycles through the trend catalogues like a regular. It’s almost a given that straw will be there come each spring, despite its varied forms.

Straw Accessories, In All Their Forms

With rattan on your mind, you may find yourself seeking straw the next time you’re out and about. Should you find yourself at a hip bruncherie or a trendy Main Street, the prospect may be easier than you’d ever imagine.

Straw accessorization can come in a number of forms. Here are just a few of those, along with how their wearability has evolved over the years.

The Brimmed Hat

This is not your average scarecrow attire. A brimmed hat crafted from straw or rattan material is a serious fashion statement. So too is it a savior from the sun itself, protecting your precious skin from harmful UV rays as you romp along the bayside.

In the past, people have worn wide-brimmed straw hats on their own. As of lately, however, this accessory often dresses itself up with a printed scarf wrapped around the head. You may also encounter beads or braided rope, both of which serve to accentuate the design.

The Clever Crossbody

The concept of small purses is not a new thing. After all, women need something to help them carry the bare minimum (think phone, wallet, keys and maybe even a lipstick or two).

These days, the standard rattan crossbody bag has transformed into something all its own. Thanks to patterned linings and pom pom adornments, it’s a fresh take on a trend that’s already been around the block.

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The Big Tote

When did the oversized purse become a thing? We’re not sure, but we’re glad it did. For those times when we have a lot to carry, it sure comes in handy. Trade the traditional leather design for a straw style to make it vegan friendly and summer ready.

Modern trends have transformed the oversized straw tote by making it just a bit transparent. Letting the world see what’s inside is a seriously bold move, and one that we’re more than happy to get behind.

The Reusable Shopping Bag

Before plastic came around, reusable bags were the only way to shop. Now, we’re reverting back to our roots, not because there’s no other option, but because the planet needs our help. But being ecologically savvy doesn’t mean you have to be bland. In fact, it’s yet another chance to accessorize, if only for the sake of some ripe and tender fruit from the market.

Go for a rattan-themed shopping tote and you’ll be the coolest eco-friend there is. And who knows, you may just inspire someone in the produce aisle to do the same!

The Convenient Backpack

Gone are the days when knapsacks were reserved for school children alone. Throwing a pack over your shoulder and heading out onto the city streets is about as convenient as it gets.

Instead of polyester or rayon, try something that goes against the run-of-the-mill designs. Straw backpacks are loose, flexible and totally cool, and you’ll surely get stopped on the block by someone hoping to follow your lead.

The Flirty Earring

You may be wondering who on earth thought of the straw earring fad. We’re not quite sure what trendsetter started it, but we know that you’re totally capable of finishing it.

Switch out thready fringe for firm rattan as a way to break the mold. Or maybe even alter the traditional gold hoop for a circular straw addition. Whatever you choose, do so boldly.

The Strapping Sandal

Sandals are meant to be more than stylish and fun. So too are they meant to be comfortable. When crafted from straw or rattan, you get the best of both worlds.

Go for a modern take on the vintage mule, or take a detour against the old-school flip-flop regime. After all, you’re the one that makes the rules, and when you’ve got straw sandals on, you can run with ’em.

To Straw or Not?

It’s never too late to be a straw connoisseur, what with the material’s steadfast presence in mainstream trends. You can wear it discreetly or distinctly, all to your choosing. What matters most with any style is that you’re comfortable and confident, and straw definitely grants them both.

From the rattan crossbody bag to the straw slip-on sandal and everywhere in between, straw is there for you whenever you need a style boost. It’s just up to you to try it on for size, but be warned—you may never get rid of the rattan itch again.


  • Hi, my name is Alex Ng, a painter, nature lover and craftsman. I make handmade home goods as side hustle. I love to share my passion and lessons when practicing an eco-friendly and healthy lifestyle.

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