8 Tips For Decorating A Balcony Garden

If you are looking to decorate a balcony with plants, you are in luck. Here’s how you can decorate your balcony and even create a balcony garden. Read more about balcony garden ideas.

A balcony garden is an idea you must look more into. If you have a balcony at your place, we have gathered some balcony garden ideas that could help you transform it into something else. A lot of places don’t have any gardening space, which calls for you to use your creativity, and ours too. Accessories like a macrame hanging shelf and hanging pots are there to help your cause.

Here are a few creative balcony garden ideas that you can use and have a beautiful setup.

1. Sun and lighting

One of the most important apartments balcony garden tips is to see if your balcony gets any light from the sun. See how many hours of direct and indirect light your balcony gets per day. Before you learn how to decorate a balcony with plants, you must take time to understand the lighting situation in your balcony and then see what kind of plants you can get according to the situation.

Sun and lighting in decorating balcony garden

2. Scrap wood or shelves

There’s so much you can for your balcony garden with scrap wood. Get some wood planks and you can fix them on the wall of your balcony to create shelves for your plants. This comes in handy in balcony garden ideas especially if you can’t have a proper shelf for your plants. It’s an easy and affordable DIY solution that could turn around the look of your balcony garden.

scrap woods and shelves in decorating balcony garden

3. Astroturf

AstroTurf, or artificial turf, is a fantastic option to decorate a balcony because it brings a very garden-type feel to your space. It’s affordable as well as effective.

astroturf in decorating balcony garden

4. Hanging plants

Using hooks and hangers, you can create an effective balcony garden at your place. Because of the limitation in area, you must utilize every last inch you have at your disposal and that includes vertical inches, not just ground space. Get hanging pots and baskets.

You can use the railing as well as the roof of the balcony if available.

hanging plants in decorating balcony garden

5. Décor

A balcony garden doesn’t mean to decorate a balcony with plants. You can add so much more décor to your balconies such as adding personalized pots, cups, chairs, and any other thing that makes it feel like your place.

balcony garden decor

6. Introduce a variety

Add variety in the plants you are going to use and house in your balcony garden. You can use different colored plants to create a colored garden that will bring vibrance and variance.

plant varienty in balcony garden decor

7. Add some comfort

Personalization doesn’t end at adding variety to your garden. Let us assist you with the best balcony garden ideas and add some comfort such as a sofa or a chair in your garden.

chair and coffee table in balcony garden

8. Keep everything maintained

Once you have set up your balcony garden, one of the basic tips for decorating a balcony is to maintain every plant and everything you have added.

stylist balcony garden decor


Creating a beautiful apartment balcony garden that you can chill out for whenever you get time is a vital step into owning the space at hand no matter how limited it is. Use these creative balcony garden ideas to make the most out of it at your apartment.


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