Seagrass and water hyacinth storage baskets on wheels

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Here's why Seagrass and Water Hyacinth Storage Baskets on Wheels are 2019 best-sellers

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Let me guess… this is exactly what you think every day!

  • Ever tried to organize any room and found yourself struggling putting things in order? Well, we've been there and we know exactly what can help: a container baskets!
  • The best way to keep your home organized is to place every item of one kind in a place fixed for themselves: coats go into the closet, books get stacked on shelves, pots and plants hung up on a pegboard in the kitchen.
  • This way, whenever you look for something, they are blindingly obvious where they belong!

But, the biggest problem is...

  • But there's always some stuff that you want to place around the house, in any room while staying in order.
  • Like your favorite magazines that you want to read on the couch in the living room, in bed before going to sleep, in children's room while playing with your kids or your dirty clothes from your bedrooms/ bathroom need to collect.
  • Some stuff that takes too much space or simply cannot be sorted into any specific categories like your family shoes of different kinds,children's toys, garden gadgets, etc

That is where container baskets come in!

  • Still, it's tricky to find out what type of storage baskets is best for which purpose while there are a lot of other factors to be concerned about:
  1. The size - how much it can hold.
  2. The design- whether it is devorative and fits with your home decorations or not.
  3. And then which kind of stuffs can be put in it as well as how you can move the baskets around with minimum effort.

So, What's now?

SO, TO SAVE YOUfrom buying things that won't help, we created ourSeagrass/ Water Hyacinth Storage baskets on wheels as the best storage solution for any room and to serve any purpose!

There's a reason why we call this basket the best storage basket ever:



  • With wheels under their feet, this baskets can be moved around at ease.
  • And, don't worry: the wheels are easily removable: simply use the wrench that goes in the set to remove them when you want to.


  • We provide baskets in two sizes: 9.8” H x 18.1” L x 12.6” W and 11.8” H x 19.7” L x 13” W, which gives you plenty of space to store a wide variety of household items.
  • Also, There's a bulkhead in between that you can choose to remove or use to devide the basket into 2 compartments for separate storage of different items.(Available with the big one)

Muti - Purpose:

  • This basket fits perfectly with any room and can serve various purposes: for toy, books, clothing, shoes, laundry storage or as an underbed storage bin.
  • Especially if you want to move things around: the wheels will be of great advantage!
  • The unique and decorative design and color even help to leverage your home decorations!

Unique Baskets:

  • A CLASSY FUSION OF UTILITY & DECOR - The classic appeal of a wicker basket bins never goes out of style! With the creativity of the craftsman, the shape of the bins, the natural color of seagrass, and the size of the wicker, you've got yourself a stunning slice of ambience you can admire for years to come.

  • EARTH-FRIENDLY - Wicker baskets made of natural seagrass and water hyacinth promote a healthy world. It is environmentally friendly from every angle. Seagrass and water hyacinth does not leave an excess of negative impacts due to harvesting and transportation. When compared with plastics, wicker baskets are far more ecologically and yet, they are sturdy and endurable

  • 100% HAND WOVEN BASKETS - Our straw storage baskets for organisation and storage are masterfully hand-crafted by skilled artisans in Kim Son region – the base of sedge and seagrass craftsmanship of Vietnam for the past 200 years - nestled 110 kilometers outside of Hanoi capital city. Each of basket you bought is the unique one!


So, what is this Special sale about?

Only for you!

Well, to celebrate 2020 and our success in 2019 (120,000+ orders on this baskets)

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  • Dedicatedly handcrafted from seagrass and water hyacinth, these baskets are guaranteed to last a lifetime.
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Our Brand name

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  • Each order comes with a tracking number, so you can personally check on the status of your order.

Made Terra - The best customer service:

  • MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE - We stand behind this lovely natural wire woven baskets that brought authentic Vietnamese hand- crafting history to the world. If you are unsatisfied, return it within 30 days for a refund.
  • THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE: - With our famous 100% satisfaction, you can have peace in mind. If for any reason you're not completely happy with your purchase- if it breaks or is damaged in shipping, or even if you change your mind - simply let us know and we will either replace it or refund your money, your choice!

See what's our customer say:



"Love it, exactly what we were looking to use in our pantry to hold 16oz water bottles, bags, lunch sacks, etc. They fit under our bottom shelve.

We chose the twisted weave design. Makes pantry look so much more organized, not junky."



The beauty of these baskets is that people can see what's inside, if someone walks in, they just see a basket, a beautiful basket instead of the toys.



PERFECT! Needed something for my new home office and not look like an actual office. ...just wish my house cat wasn't so intrigued with it. LOVE IT!



This is high quality and 100% = assembled. Wheels already attached and round rolling 360 style.

Works better than expected and fits under desk with ease. Doesn't scatch hard wood floors. I was very very satisfied. Thanks for excellent product.

Frequently Asked Question:

  • Do you offer any refunds or guarantees?
    We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Within 30 days since receiving our products, if you are not satisfied, please contact us: we will refund you or replace the product- It's up to your choice! And as long as our products still got the brand label on it!"


  • How much weight can these hold?
    These baskets can hold and move up to 50 kg.


  • Are these baskets durable?
    Yes, These baskets can stay in perfect shape for years to come, thanks to the sturdy seagrass and water hyacinth used to wove them.

Also, our baskets are made in strict quality control so you can be very assured!