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MadeTerra or Other

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The main materials we use are local natural materials (in Vietnam), selected by artisans and processed using traditional methods to make sure of the artisan quality of each product.
Other materials such as stainless tacks, genuine leathers and fine cloths are selected to ensure the highest quality products are delivered to you.

Main materials: You cannot be sure about the source.
Other materials: Normal steel nails (so rust is a problem after a few months in use and can be harmful to your health) or fake leathers. You can easily find them on the products if you purchased (unluckily).

Quality Control

The quality control process is verified and audited by big clients.

You can’t be sure

Chemical Test

Our products pass lab tests by major customers. The tests include lead content, cadmium content, color fastness to cracking (cloth), formaldehyde release, requirement in accessible resin-bonded wood components of the European Standard, “Safety of Toys: Organic Chemical Compounds - Requirement"

You can’t be sure

Corporate Responsibility

As requested by major, reputable customers, we are audited and certified using leading testing, inspection and certification services such as Bureau Veritas & SGS. Read more about Our Certifications

You can’t be sure
Only a few handicraft companies in Vietnam have these certifications. It is not easy for many to meet these requirements.

Social Impact

We are a local company in Vietnam, pioneering the maker-to-market movement here. Your purchases are meaningful to us, the local artisans and their families. Read more about Our story and Mission


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