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Welcome to MadeTerra Support. Have questions? We're here to help! Our knowledge base and FAQs below should have most of the answers you need. But, feel free to reach out anytime.


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Are you a local company in Vietnam?

Yes, we are a local company founded by a group of artisans in handicraft villages and marketing people in Vietnam. We export our product directly to you from Vietnam under our own brand (Made Terra). Currently we rely on service for shipment, return and customer care. Read our story here

Where are your products made?

Our straw bags, bannetons, baskets are hand made in the traditional handicraft villages in Red River Valley in Vietnam.

Shipping & Returns

Are your product shipped from US or from Vietnam?

Our products are shipped to you from our Warehouses located in the US. Please read more about our Maker-to-Market journey of our product here

How much is shipping?

Our product shipment and delivery is currently handled by our warehouse partners. Fees and estimated delivery date depend on your ordered items and address. Please proceed to checkout for accurate shipping fee.

What's your return policy?

We're confident you'll love our products, but if you don't, you have up to 30 days to let us know.

If you decide our product isn't for you, you can send it back to us and we will refund the purchase price.



Why use cane wicker banneton instead of plastic or wooden brotforms?

Wicker makes an ideal container as it allows the air to circulate around the dough and let it breathe.

Cane baskets will give your loaves a beautiful pattern and last a lifetime. The natural cane itself (and the dusting flour) does absorb a small amount of surface moisture from the dough which has the effect of firming up the surface.

Does it come with linen cloth and dough scraper?

Yes, the MadeTerra banneton/brotform dough proofing basket or set comes with washable linen cloths and a bamboo dough scraper

Where is item made?

It is handmade in Vietnam - the “homeland” of bamboo and rattan. Vietnam has thousand-year tradition of hand making products from rattan & bamboo

Which flour should I use?

Your choice of flour really depends on what finish you want your bread to have. Some people love to use rye flour. It absorbs moisture well and gives your bread a good crust and pattern. Some others love to see the French style white spirals on the bread so they use 50:50 mix of rice flour and stoneground white. It makes it easy for the dough to come out of the basket and leaves a beautiful clean white pattern, but try different combinations and find out what works for you.

Do I still get the nice line pattern when using the liner?

You don’t get the lines when using the liner. You can flour the basket liberally, and this flour carries over to the final bread. Some prefer to bake their bread in a Dutch oven at 475 degrees, lid on for 30 minutes, then off for 15. Then get a beautiful artisan loaf, with lines from the basket, floured and divine crust!

I don't have a Dutch oven, can I bake bread in Cast Iron Skillet (in the oven) instead?

Of course, you can! Once your bread is ready to bake, turn it into your skillet and bake as you normally would any other bread.

I accidently put my dough for the first rise in this basket. I cannot get the dough out of it that was stuck to the basket. Any ideas?

You might try using table salt and a brush to remove any remaining dough from the basket. For future risings dust the basket fairly heavily with flour.

Can you rise regular bread dough? Then bake it on a baking stone? Would it hold its shape?

Yes, you can rise regular bread dough, bake the dough on a baking stone and it will hold its shape

Rattan Straw Bag

Does the bag have an odor to it? Smokey or BBQ smell?

No, we carefully process the rattan fibres before and after the bag is finished.
Only other low quality bags carry the heavy smoke and BBQ smell

Are the strips real leather?

Yes, it is genuine leather

Is there any good way to shorten the strap? 50 inches is a bit long for me

You could take and knott the strap at the top, it works great and provides a cute look.

Does the bag stay closed?

Yes it does. The bow clip is tight. And the lid itself is tight to the body of the bag.
And the lining has wings on the sides so it keeps your stuff inside and the bag opens 60 to 70 degrees

Can we pick interior fabric?

We provide 2 options of liner cloth (the interior fabric) depending on the bag you select.
The small size (8''x3.1'') straw bag: White dotted on black liner cloth and Flower patterned cloth
The large size (10"x3.1") straw bag: White dottled on black color cloth and Black dotted on pink color cloth


Together we celebrate the craft traditions and impact the lives of 10,000 artisans & their families

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