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Sumarizing from the outstanding bread for homebaker - The bread head is easily evaluted suitability.

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Being written by professional baker, inside, they know about the mistakes that homebaker might meet and provide the overcoming ways.

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Outstanding Baker's Tools of MadeTerra


Rattan Banneton

Multiple size with a lot of shapes, beside, we using natural rattan cane and bamboo in our eco-friendly banneton and scraper for making an banneton


Tool Set

The accessory set includes a Bread Lames, Dough Scrapers, Serrated Bread Knife, and Dough Whisk which designing for artisan bakers and cook for sourdough and bread baking


Cotton Banneton

Made of coiled cotton rope, this round banneton bread proofer could be hand washed and hang up to dry easily.



TextBorn in the traditional handicraft villages on the Red River of Hanoi, Vietnam, MadeTerra is a direct-to-consumer, online, handmade company dedicated to bringing authentic Vietnamese-hand crafted history to the world

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