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We're deeply committed to
bringing the Vietnamese artisan history
to the World


Born in the traditional handicraft villages on the Red River of Hanoi, Vietnam, MadeTerra is a direct-to-consumer, online, handmade company dedicated to bringing authentic Vietnamese-hand crafted history to the world.

MadeTerra is more than a company. We're pioneering the maker‑to‑market movement in Vietnam. We're a way for you to intentionally shop for ethically-sourced products — and to share in the joy of connecting with artisans in our handicraft villages.

Our vision is to do business differently, putting our people and planet first. That means you can trust that every handmade purchase you make from us, directly impacts the life and community of its maker in Vietnam


Ensuring makers earn a fair, living wage in safe working conditions

We follow the balance practices. We and the artisans agree with the following practices:

  • Artisans: Decent incomes for and advanced payments to artisans
  • Clients (you): Quality materials and products
  • The R&D, design and trade team (MadeTerra): Decent margin to make the business sustainable

We are working toward a long-term relationship between all parties involved. We believe operating this way will make the business sustainable and meaningful.

Caring for the Earth & Yourself

The Earth sustains us, and we believe it’s righteous to return the favor. We focus on the use of locally sourced, recycled and renewable materials in all our products. We promote creative re-use and energy efficiency in artisan workshops and our supply chain to minimize our environmental footprint.

Choosing natural materials almost always means a reduction in off-gassing and toxic chemical compounds being brought into your home.

Celebrating Craft & Culture

Traditional artisan skills have been passed down from generation to generation in Vietnam. They are part of our rich history.

What People Are Saying About MadeTerra?

Perfect Summer It Bag

"I have been in search of the perfect round rattan style purse for over a year now! Most looked fake and cheap others were way too expensive for a seasonal weekend/vacay purse. I really wanted the simple madewell version that is over $100!? And then I searched amazon all night until I came across this amazing gem! Handmade check, ethically sourced check, genuine leather strap and closures double check, cute lining check! It’s incredibly well made for such and incredible price and it was delivered to my door in less than 24 hours!"

Jennifer Heinzer (Purchased MadeTerra 8-inch Rattan Bag on
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"IThis bag is absolutely amazing. I am so impressed with the quality, and the tassel that comes with is so cute with it. I loooove the lining inside, and the snap closure closes nice and tight - nothing is falling out of this bag! 1000% recommend, this is a spring and summertime must!"

Kendrick Adams (Purchased MadeTerra 8-inch Rattan Bag on
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"Perfect for my new bread obsession. Good Quality"

Amy Loughlin (Purchased MadeTerra Bread Banneton Basket on
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Thriving Artisan Communities

How do we know? We know, because we live here in Vietnam. We've experienced all the ups and downs of our handicraft villages firsthand, so we know the impact these purchases make

Preserving Indigenous Crafts & Cultures

We work together to preserve indigenous legacies, all while while spurring innovation and designs that speak to craft- and culture-loving customers

Promoting Greater Equity in World Trade

Fair Trade is a trading partnership, based on dialogue, transparency and respect, that seeks greater equity in international trade. It contributes to sustainable development by offering better trading conditions to, and securing the rights of, marginalized producers and workers – especially in the South.

(World Fair Trade Organization)

Together we celebrate the craft traditions and impact the lives of 10,000 artisans & their families

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