New Year, New Life: Change Up Your Space With These Rustic Home Decor Ideas

If you are looking to change up your home décor items this year, check out the following handcrafted, eco-friendly home decoration ideas.

It is a new year, and you may be looking for the latest home décor trends. After all, the new year is a time for change, right? Why should your home décor items be any different? From outdoor furniture to fan wall décor, you can find a range of items to add to your home in the new year

rustic home decor for new year

To help you get started, here are several handmade, eco-friendly home decoration ideas to add to your home in the new year.

Outdoor Wicker Sofa Set

There is nothing like an outdoor wicker sofa set to enhance your patio, deck or backyard. Use your furniture to create a spot for enjoying the weather, curling up with a book or entertaining guests.

outdoor wicket sofa set

Wooden Table Desk Calendar

When looking at home décor 2021 trends, be sure to check out wooden desk calendars. After all, you need a way to keep track of the days. Place your 12-sided polyhedron calendar on your desk, coffee table or nightstand to check anytime.

wooden desk calendar

Giant Wall Hanging Fan

If you are looking to add fan wall décor to your home this year, look no further than a giant wall hanging fan. Part of Feng Shui, you can hang your fan as a way to redirect energy to your bedroom, living room or home office.

giant wall hanging fan for rustic home decor

Rustic Bamboo Tray

A rustic bamboo tray is perfect for serving coffee, tea or snacks to your guests, and you can place it in the kitchen as a space for your fruit or coffee condiments. It also doubles as a wall-hanging decorative basket for your living room or bedroom.

ructic tray for wall hanging decor

Candle Holder Lantern

Light the way while adding rustic charm to your home with a wicker candle holder lantern. It is a great addition to just about any room of the home, plus you can use it outside while entertaining guests.

rustic woven candle holder lantern

Rattan Frame Mirror

When upgrading your entryway or bedroom, you can never go wrong with a rattan frame mirror. The rattan frame is a visually appealing piece, and the mirror gives you a place to check your appearance while making the space feel bigger.

rustic rattan framed mirror

Floating Wall Shelves

If you are looking for functional home decoration ideas, floating wall shelves made of pine wood are perfect for essentials or decorative pieces. Hang your wall shelves in your living room, home office or bedroom to display or organize your items.

rustic floating shelves

Wall-Mount Wicker Shelf

Another option for your rustic home, you may enjoy this set of wall hanging wicker baskets. The design makes this wicker shelf a great addition to your kitchen or bathroom. It can be used to organize spices and ingredients or your toiletries.

rustic wall mounted basket shelves

Macrame Hanging Decor

Why not make 2021 the year you look for unique home décor items, such as macramé wood wall art. The range of colors and designs can dress up any wall in your living room, dining room, home office or bedroom.

rustic macrame hanging decor

As you can see, there are many items that fit the home décor 2021 trends, from candle holder lanterns to fan wall décor.

Are you ready to change up your home décor items this year? You can find a range of home decoration ideas on MadeTerra.


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    Hi, my name is Alex Ng, a painter, nature lover and craftsman. I make handmade home goods as side hustle. I love to share my passion and lessons when practicing an eco-friendly and healthy lifestyle.

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  1. Hey Alex 🙂 Loved your article! I always loved the rustic look of home decor. It just seems to make me feel calm and relaxed. I’ve decorated my den and living room with several shelves and wall decor, as well as my outdoor patio. The rustic look makes me feel like I’m more in the country. Do you any one idea that is just outstanding?

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