Living Room Decorations That Work For Various Interior Designs

You can easily find beautiful decor that enhances just about any interior living room design, from woven baskets to home décor wall art.

Decorating your living room is a great way to express yourself and create a welcoming space. Of course, you want to find decor that works for most living room style types, from a living room rustic style to a Boho style living room.

While you can find at least 101 ideas for living room decorations, we are narrowing down the list to our favorite ideas. From woven baskets to home décor wall art, you can enhance your interior living room design by keeping the following decorating ideas in mind.

Bohemian Interior Design

There is a lot of freedom that comes with a Bohemian interior design, but there are also certain pieces that can enhance this interior living room design.

For example, texture is a big part of a Bohemian space, so a woven basket may be ideal for your living room. It adds texture as a wall hanging décor, but it also adds function by doubling as a fruit basket. You can even opt for an orange or teal woven basket to add more color to your space. If you would rather add a more smooth texture to your space, consider a coconut bowl design.

Greenery also plays a big role in Bohemian interior design, and this is great because houseplants can create a healthy, peaceful environment. You can display your houseplants in ordinary planters or woven hanging planters, as well as an adjustable wooden plant stand that also makes it easier to transport your greenery. In some cases, you can also place the planters in woven belly baskets as another way of adding texture and color to your space.

Farmhouse Interior Design

If your living room features a farmhouse interior design, you may want to look into decor that adds warmth to your space. Luckily, woven pieces can add that touch of warmth to any farmhouse-style living room. Imagine a wicker basket on your wooden coffee table for your remote controls and magazines, or you can place a woven basket of fruit on the counter of an open-concept kitchen and living room.

Then again, you may want to look into wicker baskets that double as home décor wall art to add a bit of charm to your space.

Another option is to look into wall shelves made of wicker baskets with white fabric lining, which can be used for mail, keys, mobile devices and outdoor accessories. The shelves are both visually-appealing and functional enough for your farmhouse-style living room.

Rustic Interior Design

If you are looking for an interior living room design that relies on natural materials, look no further than a rustic design. Just like with the Bohemian and farmhouse living room style types, you are going to find that woven baskets and planters and wooden plant stands are perfect for a rustic-style living room. You can even take it up a notch by investing in decor or furniture in a distressed-wood style.

In addition to the baskets and planters, you can also look into a bamboo tray for organizing your coffee table essentials or entertaining your guests. Speaking of guests, why not greet your guests with a leaf-shaped indoor doormat made of woven, natural seagrass? It is a welcome mat that is sure to stand out from the crowd while fitting right in with your rustic design.

Finally, you can use a macrame wall hanging art to enhance your rustic design. One example is wall art made of wood and adorned in a fun pattern, which is perfect for adding texture and color to your rustic living room.


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