Improve Your Baking With A Cotton Banneton Proofing Basket

Using a banneton bread proofing basket is simple and improve your bread baking significantly, transforming a basic loaf into an impressively designed masterpiece, cotton banneton basket is

What Is A Cotton Banneton

Cotton is a popular material when it comes to banneton baskets, mainly used to create the cotton liners which provides multiple benefits that positively affect bread. Handcrafted cotton banneton proofing baskets are formed of coiled cotton rope. The cotton banneton is unique, improving the shape, texture and appearance of the dough – so improve your bread with a cotton banneton basket.

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Cotton Banneton Improves The Shape Of Bread

The cotton banneton proofing basket helps to form the shape of the loaf. The basket provides support especially for sourdough and wet doughs which typically spread whilst proofing. A banneton basket prevents the loaf from spreading as a compact container and forms the bread into the exact shape of the basket. Proofing baskets banneton types come in a varied range of shapes and sizes to suit every baker including rectangle, oval and round shapes with sizes from 8-inch, 9-inch, 10-inch and 11-inch.

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Cotton Banneton Is Ready To Use

The cotton banneton basket is ready to be used with minimal preparation, simply dust the basket with coarse flour to stop the dough from taking on the excess flour and sticking to the basket. As a banneton guide, prepare the bowl by first misting with water then adding rice flour and spreading to cover all surfaces of the inside of the bowl, tap out any excess flour and the banneton is ready to be used. If rice flour is unavailable then wholemeal flour or semolina are also recommended for preparing the proofing basket. Once the dough has been kneaded and gluten developed then it is ready to proof in the banneton bread proofing basket

Cotton Banneton Improves The Texture Of Bread

The baskets dry the exterior of the loaf creating a crisper crust and an easier surface to slash. The proofing basket allows some airflow through the cotton which develops a slightly drier dough than if proved in a bowl which wouldn’t allow any airflow.

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Cotton Banneton Improves The Appearance Of Bread

Professional appearance with minimal effort providing a rustic, homemade loaf. The cotton banneton proofing basket is attractively designed and would be a welcome addition to any kitchen collection of equipment. This visual benefit also applies when using the basket for proofing, The pleated pattern of the cotton banneton transfers onto the dough to create an intricate design and artistic final loaf.

The cotton banneton is able to provide two designs when proofing bread with the use of a cotton cloth which can be applied to line the banneton basket. The dough can be proved either with or without a cloth liner which creates two options for the design of the loaf. If the cloth is lining the banneton basket then the exterior of the dough will be smooth. Whereas if the liner is removed then the dough will be marked with the pattern of the proofing basket.

Long Lasting And Easy To Clean

The material of cotton rope is less prone to breakages than cane or wicker, the traditional banneton baskets can become damaged with the danger of cane becoming split or frayed. The cotton material is free from tacks making it a generally safer material which is longer lasting by avoiding damage.

Cotton Banneton Basket Is Easy To Clean

The cotton bread proofing basket is washable which is ideal when preparing from doughs a strong flavor or smell. The cane, wicker or reed which most proofing baskets are formed from is porous and therefore susceptible to taking on odours. These smells will then transfer onto the next dough prepared in the proofing basket and could taint the flavor, if the proofing basket has already taken on an odour then sprinkle it with baking soda and allow it to sit overnight. The following day tap out the baking soda and use a pastry brush to remove any sediment.

The cotton coiled rope is easy to clean as it can be washed by hand and then dried to ensure safe hygiene practices. The bowl does not need to be washed after every use as a light flour buildup creates a non-stick surface which is ideal for proofing. Instead the cotton banneton provides peace of mind then when the basket does need cleaning it won’t be damaged as a traditional banneton basket would be.

Cotton banneton baskets also prevent the build-up of flour within the banneton basket which happens naturally after continued use. If flour has built up in a bread proofing basket then this can be removed by placing the bare basket into a warm oven set to 250F / 120C for 1 hour. The low temperature will prevent the basket from becoming damaged whilst killing any mould and baking the flour making it easier to remove.


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