How to Train Your Bunny

Rabbits are intelligent little creatures that can easily be trained. If you would like to train your bunny, read this article to find out what you can teach your pet to do.

Teaching Your Bunny to Sit with You

Convincing your bunny that your lap is a safe place is simple.

First of all, don’t force your pet to sit with you. Instead, entice your fur ball into your lap by offering treats, attention, chin rubs, and seagrass pet accessories. Or whatever else your rabbit enjoys.

Your bunny will quickly learn that being with you is a safe, pleasurable experience.

training bunny sit with you

Redirect Chewing

Your rabbit needs to chew. But that doesn’t mean your bunny should be allowed to chew anything and everything.

Whenever your bunny is outside of the rabbit cage, you need to make sure your fur baby only chews on safe items, such as seagrass pet accessories. If your rabbit starts chewing on “bad” objects, distract your pet with safer options.

Don’t forget to offer praise when your bunny chews on indoor accessories for pets instead of unsafe items. This will teach your rabbit which objects are acceptable for chewing and which aren’t.

train your bunny to chew the right things

Tackle Litter Box Training

Your bunny should have supervised playtime outside of the rabbit cage each day. But if you don’t want your pet to make a mess in the process, consider litter box training.

Your rabbit has probably already chosen a preferred potty location in your home. Place the litter box in that spot so that your bunny will start to use it.

Important Note: Don’t use cat litter. Find a non-toxic rabbit litter instead.

If your bunny has chosen an undesirable area, litter box training becomes a bit more complicated. You could try moving the box a few inches each day, gradually taking it from your bunny’s chosen bathroom to your preferred location.

Or you could immediately place the box right where you want it to be. If you choose this approach, block off access to the potty area your bunny currently uses.

You should keep a bit of soiled litter inside the box so that your bunny knows where to go potty once the old area becomes inaccessible. You can get rid of that dirty litter after your rabbit starts using the litter box in the new location

bunny in cage

Have Fun with Tricks

And now for the fun part. Trick training!

You will need to buy a few indoor accessories for pets, such as a target stick (a short stick connected to a ball) and small obstacles.

Before you can teach your bunny how to jump up or navigate obstacle courses, you must begin with target training. This involves teaching your rabbit to touch the target stick with his or her nose.

Start by holding the stick up to your rabbit. Your bunny will probably want to check it out. When your rabbit’s nose hits the ball, reward your pet with a treat.

Those treats will make your rabbit eager to follow the stick and touch the ball. At that point, you can use the stick to teach your bunny tricks, like jumping up, turning in circles, moving through an obstacle course, and more.

trick training for your bunny

Rabbit training is great fun for you and your pet. Plus, it will strengthen the bond you share with your fur baby. So, get started today!


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