How to Decorate Your Hallway Wall In a Rustic Farmhouse Style

Old and new homeowners seem to be short on ideas for farmhouse hallway wall decoration. Check out some of the finest ideas for creating a rustic home hallway!

Hallways are like the mini art gallery in homes. They are the appetizers before the main course. They cannot be overcrowded, yet they must convey enough thrill for passers to anticipate the next door or room. For homes where visitors are welcome through the hallway, it has to make that bold first impression.

Against popular opinions, hallways are not a waste of space. They are the most expressive part of the house for your design theme. Also, those seemly empty hallways give every home the needed touch of space and simplicity. While showcasing elegant designs, hallways can also store books and vignettes without getting clumsy. You should have a farmhouse hallway wall decoration in mind, with a rustic design. Here are some ideas on decorating a hallway in the rustic style.

1. Installing Rustic Bowls and Trays to Hallway Wall

At the top of your hallway decorating ideas are the rustic farmhouse-style bowls and trays. You can place them on a stand or right next to the wall. And if you consider them to be a good fit for your hallway wall, you can put them up on the wall. A good pick like Handwoven Southwestern Decorative Basket, Natural Seagrass Woven Fruit Basket Bowl, Bamboo Woven Rustic Basket Tray, or Natural Woven Fruit Basket Bowl would make a bold statement about your home being a green house.

2. Adding Plants to Hallway Wall

Another farmhouse hallway decoration is to selectively place beautiful plants, especially flowers, on the wall of your hallway. For a glamorous touch of rustic charm to your staircase, you can include some plants down the stairs. These plants are economical, not needing maintenance, and are equally stylish. Some of these plants will even get more classy when they are rustic-themed plants. Made Terra allows you to create your rustic farmhouse style by using products like Dried Natural Palm Leaves. With this hallway decoration, you can be sure to sweep your visitors off their feet.

3. Using Floating Shelves and Wall Organizers

If you are budgeting for a small yet versatile hallway decoration, then you should consider shelves or organizers. Keeping books, coats, bags, shoes, and many more in your hallway does not have to be all messy. Floating shelves and wall organizers are the tricks for turning cluttered halls into elegant hallways. To add finesse to the gorgeousness of shelves and organizers, you can use rustic farmhouse designs. Here are a few examples of MadeTerra floating shelves and organizers: Rustic Width Wooden Wall Hanging Organizer, Wall Hanging Swing Rope Floating Shelf, and Swing Rope Floating Shelf.


Putting a rustic farmhouse hallway wall decoration in place is not difficult. Firstly, you have to ensure the hallway is not crowded. If it is already jampacked, you might want to remove the fillers or clear out your hallway completely. After that, you can start re-presenting different rustic ideas on the wall of your hallway. Do you know fans can also be the central piece of hallway decoration? Yes, they can add a lot of beauty to the look of your hallway. You can check out these rustic-themed wall hanging fans for your hallway wall: Giant Folding Wall Hanging Fan and Giant Wall Decorative Folding Fans.



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