How To Choose The Best Serving Tray For Your Needs

There are several things to consider when looking for the best serving tray for your needs. Use this guide to choose from the different types of serving trays.

There is more to looking for a serving tray than just adding an item to your cart. Whether you are serving your family or entertaining guests, you want to ensure you are choosing a serving tray that meets your needs. With the many types of serving trays available today, it is not unusual to feel a little overwhelmed.

The good news is, it is not impossible to find a serving tray that works for you. Use the following guide, and questions, to choose the best serving tray for your needs.

How Do You Intend To Use Your Tray?

The first thing you may want to ask yourself is, “How do I intend to use my serving tray?” Are you planning to use your tray daily or only for special occasions? For daily use, the Natural Wicker Pedestal Bowl and Serving Tray is perfect for fresh fruit, dinner rolls or even quick snacks. If you are looking for a serving tray for a party, the Wooden Serving Tray is a great choice for coffee, appetizers or desserts

Are You Interested In Handmade or Machine Made?

Next, you want to figure out if you want a handmade or machine-made tray. If you are like many others, you may be leaning toward a handmade serving tray. With handmade, you can ensure the tray is going to be crafted to perfection with durable, eco-friendly materials. Handmade trays can be more expensive or take longer to ship, but they are certainly worth the time and investment.

Handmade Wooden Serving Tray

Are You Looking For A Certain Material?

When searching for the best serving tray, make sure you are choosing a material that works for you. For example, eco-friendly serving trays made of wood or bamboo can fit your green lifestyle because of the natural, sustainable materials. If this is the case, the Mother of Pearl Inlay Nacre Rectangular Wood Serving Tray or Bamboo Wicker Serving Tray with Handles may meet your needs.

Rectangle Nacre Wooden Serving Tray

What Size Are You Looking For In A Tray?

You also want to keep the size in mind to ensure the tray can easily be carried and stored. While the serving tray dimensions can range from 12″x15″ to 19″x13,” depending on the shape, you can find trays in various sizes. The Mother of Pearl Inlay Boat Tray is great for small snacks such as candy, grapes or nuts. If you need a bigger serving tray for food, consider the Wood Mother of Pearl Inlay Serving Tray.

Mother of Pearl Inlay Wooden Serving Tray

Do You Need Any Extra Features for Serving Trays?

When exploring the different types of serving trays, you want to think about the extra features that may be included on your tray. You may need a serving tray with a lid for outdoor events, or maybe you want a serving tray with handles for easy carrying. Why not look into a 3-Bowl Serving Platter and Tray? It features three compartments for snacks, dips or condiments.

3 bowl serving platter and tray

What Overall Style of Serving Trays Do You Have In Mind?

Finally, you want to think about the overall style you have in mind for your serving tray. You can find a serving tray in a rectangle, round and oval shape to fit your space, as well as a beautiful serving tray in a rustic design. A serving tray in a tiered design, such as the wooden 2-Tiered Round Table Serving Decorative Tray, can work for multiple appetizers, condiments or drinkware.

3 tier wooden serving tray

As you can see, there are many types of serving trays available for various uses.


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