Here Are Small Rustic Bathroom Decor Ideas on a Budget

To transform your regular bathroom into a rustic bathroom is easy. All you need are rustic farmhouse bathroom decor ideas for the bathroom. Rustic bathroom decorating ideas will effectively change your bathroom into a modern rustic bathroom even on a budget.

The bathroom is a crucial part of the home. Hence, making it as elegant as possible should be the aim of every home builder. One of the best ways to achieve this is by transforming it with rustic bathroom decorating ideas. The addition of decors made out of crude earthly natural resources like finely polished woods and beautiful old materials will transform your bathroom into a rustic bathroom even when you are on a budget.

bathroom decor on a budget

Here are some major aspects to apply rustic decors to get an effective transformation of your bathroom into a rustic bathroom!


While looking to upgrade your bathroom, the first thing to renovate is your lighting. Lightings bring out the true colors of your bathroom. And if you are looking to add a rustic edge to your bathroom, you need rustic decorating ideas that help you be creative with your lighting plans. The easiest and cheapest kind of lighting that will give you the rustic edge you desire is Mason Jars. Achieving this is pretty easy. First, you get planks that you must polish or paint to your required taste. Drill a hole on the plank where you then pass a chain and wires through. At the other end, attach your lights to the lid of the jar and carefully cover it. Connect the jar and the plank to the chain to support the weight, and you have made yourself a rustic jar light to transform your bathroom.

lighting bathroom decor ideas

Mirrors and Signs

Among bathroom design ideas on a budget, do not underestimate the ability of a good old mirror and vintage decorative signs to transform your bathroom into a rustic bathroom without any major makeover. Rustic bathroom ideas with very large mirrors are convenient, especially for small bathrooms, making the spaces appear bigger with their reflection. When trying to transform your bathroom into a rustic one, visit pawn shops or thrift stores to get your vintage signs and mirrors for a price within your budget.

mirror and sign decor ideas on bathroom

Wooden Accessories

Nothing spells out rustic more than a lot of wooden accessories transformed into decors for your bathrooms. These wooden accessories could include wooden doors, wooden floors, wooden shelves, wooden trash cans or basket bins, wooden floor vas, wooden towel napkin holder, and the likes. To give your bathroom that rustic feel, you need to strategically organize as many wood-made materials as possible in the bathroom. Some of the best wooden products that will give you the rustic bathroom that you desire are available in our online store, materials like wicker storage baskets, tissue dispensers, recycle basket…

wooden accessories for bathroom decorating


Having a rustic bathroom on a budget is achievable as you do not need a complete makeover of your bathroom to give it the rustic feeling. What you need is rustic bathroom decorating ideas as listed above. Applying these ideas to your bathroom will surely transform it into a modern rustic bathroom.


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