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Undoubtedly, the environment is your best friend and you should take every step to protect it. But you must have heard that every good work starts from home. So, why being eco-friendly should be an exception? If you really care about nature, it’s high time you start thinking about environment-friendly or eco-friendly furniture and home décor. Yes, this is absolutely possible. Why not use some natural elements to give your home an earthy look? Well, we have brought about all the answers to the possible doubts that you may have in your mind.

eco-friendly home décor

Why to use eco-friendly home décor?

Besides protecting the environment, getting eco-friendly home décor brings about several other benefits like social, economic, public health and many more. At home, you are exposed to the furniture and décor 24/7. Hence, you should not compromise at all and opt for what is healthy and happening. Here are some of the advantages that can really make a difference:

Healthier lifestyle

Eco-friendly furniture or home décor are made from natural elements and as a result you are not exposed to any harmful chemicals that the non-organic things may have. As a result, you stay healthier and lead a fit lifestyle. Not only physically, eco-friendly products even help you to maintain a good mental health as well. So, it’s time to change from plastic containers to wicket belly baskets.

Environment friendly

Of course, this is the primary reason but you should not forget that everything on earth including you and your home is a part of the environment. Not only the raw materials but also the packaging of eco-friendly goods is biodegradable. Hence banning furniture made of harmful materials like plastic will cause much less damage to the environment. So, from now on, consider carrying your food in an eco-friendly vessel like a MadeTerra wicker basket instead of a plastic one.

environment friendly


This may sound weird at the first go since eco-friendly interiorsmay be a bit higher in price. But if you consider thebigger picture, these décor items are made out of recycled materials that are high in quality and last for a long time. Hence, you need not purchase them every other day. Imagine the amount you are saving in the long run! A wicker food tray will be much more durable than a plastic or even a glass one. So why not have a look at a rattan wicker food tray at MadeTerra?

Giving a Trendy Look

Worried about the looks? Well, you must be surprised to know that design experts have predicted that earthy and eco-friendly interiors will be the trendiestin upcoming years. Indeed the term ‘earthy’ is going to rule the modern home decorating styles. A simple replacement of your plastic storage orglass trays with wicker bags or rattan wicker food trays respectively can make your guests go crazy about your tastes. Therefore, go for the positive transformation today and get the most breath-taking look for your home.

Different Materials That Can Do the Trick

There are several eco-friendly materials that can be used to make your home a beautiful and better place. Instead of being skeptical about what you can use, consider the following picked up options that are the trendiest:


The classic appeal of wicker furniture can bring a stylish look to your home! With the creativity of the craftsman, the natural color of seagrass, and the size of the wicker, you can gift yourself a stunning slice of ambience you can admire for years to come. You can have a look at the wide range of wicker laundry bags and especially the wicker baskets of various shapes and sizes meant for a wide variety of purposes. Why not bring food for your guests on a rattan food tray? This can really make them go ‘wow’!  With no extra cost of maintenance, you can use the lightweight rattan home items and furniture for long. Having a somewhat waterproof nature, it is highly resistant to UV rays, dust, moisture, rust and corrosion.

wicker home accessories


Some cotton bouquet on your coffee table or a painted cotton wall decor can really bring an elegant but understated look to your home. A simple cotton printed table cloth or a bed-sheet can add to the magic. It can help to wick the moisture away and makes your home far more breathable than any other material. Besides, being a natural product, cotton is also good at insulation and provides comfort. It is hypoallergenic, highly durable and weatherproof. So, why not get some white fluff of cotton décor at your home?


Growing without any artificial fertilizer or pesticide, bamboo can be styled into various home décor and furniture that is durable. It can be processed to make an absorbent and dulcet fabric which is hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial. Besides, bamboo can be made into various styles and forms and gives that earthy modern look to your home.

furniture made of bamboo and rattan


Get the feeling and serenity of the beach with a beautiful seashell home décor. With a variety of colors, shapes and sizes, a seashell decor piece at home can relieve you of stress and also offers a protective shield. Having a seashell material at home is also known to bring good luck along with good looks. Such an item gets your home a sophisticated modern touch with the feeling of nature. Just go for a seashell décor strategically matched with your home and enjoy the beauty and positive vibes!

Mother of Pearl Inlay Wooden Serving Tray
Mother of Pearl Inlay Wooden Serving Tray

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t you feel the need of an instant switch? With the right knowledge and perfect research, you can make your home the trendiest in furniture and décor by choosing some to the suggested eco-friendly products. Go for it and get your friends and acquaintances  awe-inspiring!


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