Fashion Forward With The Classic Straw Bag

The hottest accessory to own this year is a straw bag! The straw bag is ultra-trendy and totally fun. It’s the most versatile bag as a cross body or simple clutch.

Stylish straw bags come in all shapes and sizes. What makes the straw bag cool isn’t just in the design, but the history too. Skilled artisans have mastered the craft of creating eclectic yet sleek accessories out of bamboo, rattan, and even seagrass. They can morph straw into fashionable works of art! Not only are straw bags fun to wear, but affordable too.

History of Straw bags

The straw bag has a deep rooted and rich history. They were originally made as a functional piece for carrying food, water, and even kids. Overtime straw bags have become more compact and luxurious. The designs are more creative and structured. The straw bag is not just limited to one type of material either. Straw bags can consist of corn husks, regular straw, or crocheted paper. This contributes to the sturdiness of the bag, and how creative the basket weaves can get.

Most straw bags are made of Raffia, which is more associated with beachwear. Materials like bamboo can also be used as a substitute for straw. Depending on what type of material used, the bag can be sack-like or structured solid. The materials used can really show off details like embroidery or knit.

Toquilla is a great straw for loose knit looks. It’s sourced from a palm tree and is popular for making other accessories; like sandals and hats. Rattan is another type of straw that is flexible yet durable. They come in many colors, weights, and textures. These materials absorb color well too, which creates more versatile style. Straw bags can be coordinated with all the latest trends. They will totally energize any wardrobe in an effortlessly chic way.

Many fashionistas have underestimated how awesome a straw bag is. They’re not just for lounging on the beach or sunning by the poolside. They’re cool to wear to events like Coachella, where bohemian style is key, and even on the red carpet for a fabulous event.

Ladies can include the straw bag into their everyday wardrobe easily due to their neutral colors. Straw bags also come equipped with flashy details. That’s why it makes sense to buy more than one! Coco Chanel made a great quote stating that, “Every day is a fashion show, and the world is the runway.” Why not finish your look with a fabulous straw bag!

The 1950’s is the real breakout year for the straw bag. Ladies in that era who embraced fashion, desired a hand bag that was fun and could carry their cosmetics. A smaller more compact version of the large straw beach bag soon became in high-demand. Straw bags in the 50’s transcended through the ages by becoming more kitsch.

Most styles resembled picnic baskets with the large handles and colorful fabrics on the inside. Soon the straw bag became more decorative with plastic fruit, decorative fabric, and even faux flowers. The straw bag didn’t get really sophisticated until later in the 90’s when high-end well-known designers started to embrace the straw bag for a collection with more affordable price points.

Designers like Sonya Rykiel, Dolce & Gabbana, and Eric Beamon created fashionable straw bags worn by models in their resort wear collections. In 1992 Jean-Paul Gaultier created an iconic bag that featured real leather strap details and straw. This was a bucket bag which was one of the most desirable bags at the time. There are many great examples of straw bags throughout fashion history. As technology advances, so with the options in straw bags.

Styling with straw bags

The look of a straw bag, and even styling one, is all in the details. There’s so much to explore when it comes the straw bags. Styling with a straw bag is easy because it works with virtually every color and formality. Circular straw bags go well with casual styles. The current trend in fashion is boxy silhouettes and skinny denim. Circle straw bags with creative wefts and colorful interiors create a unique sophisticated look. Fashion blogger and streetwear style mavens wear straw bags elegantly.

Crop tops in the form of tee shirts and chunky knit sweaters are perfect for a night out with friends. Sweaters are a sexy contrast to the straw bags. For a dazzling party look, choose a straw bag with stellar details such as sequin or pom poms. There are also creative finishes in all sorts of colors. The most creative party looks are effortless yet sleek. A bodycon dress with sparkling accessories and fishnet pattern stockings would look great with a straw bag and dangling chain details.

Structured silhouettes in bags in geometric shapes are trending in every sector of fashion. Straw bags are trans-seasonal too. The different designs and treatments incorporated in straw bags goes beyond the conventional beachwear. Summer looks are even easier to achieve with a straw bag. They are a key element in tropical inspired fashion. Pair a straw bag with an open back parachute dress and sparkling accessories for a real style statement of sexy chic. There are several other styles that can be incorporated with the straw bag such as canvas totes, straw sandals, and khaki hats.

Ultimately, the straw bag is an accessory that has been a staple in fashion for years. The straw bag is available to everyone at every price point across all fashion demographics. Every color, shape and style are available for the classic straw bag.

From vintage chic to retro unique; the straw bag continues to make its mark in fashion. The price points range from fast fashion to high-end, which speaks on the desirability for a straw bag. People across the world are accustom to the straw bag, and with the amount of looks available, it’s no wonder the straw bag is here to stay!

Styling has no limit with the straw bag, imagination is the key.


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