Enhance Your Holiday Table Settings With Charger Plates

If you are looking for elegant holiday table settings for your holiday dinner, consider browsing through rattan charger plates, or another material, for the occasion. Once you learn more about this decorative base, you may want to add one to your table settings.

1. What Is A Charger Plate and how to use it?

1.1. What a charger plate is and its purpose

If you have never heard of a charger plate, you have come to the right place. A charger plate is a base for other dinnerware, so it is not actually used for your food. The plates and bowls designated for your food sit on the charger plate.

The purpose of a charger plate is to add a bit of decor to your table setting. You can use the plate to enhance a rustic setting, or maybe you want to add a pop of color to your white dinnerware.

Basically, charger plates are accent pieces for your holiday table decor, and they are also known as underplates or service plates.

wooden charger plates

1.2. How To Use A Charger Plate

You may be wondering how to use charger plates, but it is not difficult once you learn the rules of etiquette, which include table setting using charger plates.

  • The charger plates should be prepared before your guests arrive to your dinner party or event.
  • Charger plates are placed at each guest’s place setting, on top of the placemat or tablecloth. Each plate is between the arranged flatware, which are arranged from the outside to the inside, and below the drinking glasses. The charger plates should also be placed 2 feet from one another, as well as 1 inch away from the bottom edge of the table.
  • Remove the charger plates, with the dinner plate on top, once your guests are finished with their main course. Charger plates are never used with dessert plates.
  • Remember, a charger plate is not used for the actual food. You may find charger plates with a food-safe surface, but it is usually a decorative piece.

You have the option of leaving the charger plates on the table throughout the meal or removing them once everyone is seated, but this is up to you.

rattan charger plates

1.3. Services That Use Charger Plates

Depending on your event, you may place the dinner plates on the charger plates as the meals are being served, or you may set up the dinner and charger plates together. To help you plan your event or , here are several services that may use charger plates.

American: Guests look through a menu and choose their meals, and then the meals are prepared and served to them in a timely manner. Now, your guests may not look through a menu at your dinner party, but you may want to wait until dinner time to serve all food.

Butler: If you are not serving a sit-down dinner, or if you want to serve appetizers before dinner, consider a butler service. You are going to place the appetizers on a tray, so the guests can serve themselves. Place the serving plates and bowls on the charger plates, or hold off on the charger plates until dinner time if applicable.

English: The English style of service is usually found in private dining rooms, so this could work for a private event. A server individually serves each guest from a platter of food. You can serve your guests for a small dinner party, or you can hire servers for events such as a wedding reception.

Family-Style: Guests choose from a platter of food, but there are servers to help set up and clean up the table. For your party, you may have the food arranged banquet style on your counter, and your guests may choose what they want before returning to the table.

Russian: If you are adapting a Russian service, you are going to carve the food in front of your guests, but this is also done in the kitchen. Afterwards, you are going to place the food on the dinner plates, which are on top of the charger plates. It creates a more personal atmosphere for your holiday dinner.

Regardless of which service you choose, you can easily incorporate charger plates into your event.

1.4. Different Uses of Charger Plates

From acrylic to woven charger plates, the main purpose of a charger plate is to hold a dinner plate. However, there are other uses for these decorative pieces.

  • One idea is to use a charger plate as a tray for appetizers. Of course, there should be a cloth napkin on top of the charger plate to ensure the food does not touch it. If you can find a charger plate that is coated in a food-safe material, you can use that as your serving tray instead of a traditional charger plate.
  • Another idea is to place floral centerpieces on top of the charger plates. The charger plates act as a base to these pieces, and the entire display adds a burst of color to your table setting. If you want to add a rustic feel, consider placing woven placemats under your display.
  • You can also use the charger plates to place several pillar candles together in one spot.
  • Depending on your event, you may decide to arrange a small floral centerpiece and one pillar candle on a charger plate.
  • In addition to creating a beautiful display, charger plates also secure your tablecloth and prevent wrinkles to the fabric.
  • Instead of using the charger plates for dinner plates, you can use them with our serving baskets. Imagine a beautiful wicker serving basket on top of a rattan charger plate, with freshly-baked bread inside the basket.

wicker charger plates

2. Choosing Your Perfect Charger Plate

2.1. Opt For Eco-Friendly Charger Plates

Opting for an eco-friendly charger plate is always a good idea. It allows you to stick with, or start, your green lifestyle. When you choose items such as woven charger plates, the products are handmade instead of manufactured in a factory. The less items that are made in a factory, the less harm we are doing to our environment.

There are charger plates made of natural materials such as rattan or Nacre, bringing you an eco-friendly, sustainable product. The best part is the natural beauty of these plates.

nacre charger plates

One example is an elegant charger plate made of nacre, which is also known as Mother of Pearl. You can find Nacre plates with an inlay design in soothing colors. Depending on your event, the inlay design can add a fun or elegant feel to your party. You can place them under the dinner plates to serve their original purpose, or you can add them to your decor by displaying them separately from the party table.

The charger plates can also be paired with other eco-friendly products, such as coconut bowls and wicker serving baskets.

In addition to our Nacre charger plates, we also offer gorgeous, high-quality rattan charger plates. While the Nacre plates add a touch of elegance, the rattan plates add a rustic feel to your table. Imagine the warmth your family is going to feel when they notice the rattan plates at your holiday dinner party.

wicker rattan charger plates

2.2. Tips to remember when choosing a good set of charger plates

You want to be sure you are choosing an elegant charger plate that works for your event. The plate should complement rather than contrast with your table settings. While you want to ensure the charger plates look great with the dinnerware, you also want to keep the linen, tablecloth, centerpieces and floral arrangements in mind. If it is being placed on your table, it should be considered when choosing your charger plate.

For example, if you are working with simple holiday table settings, you can never go wrong with white charger plates. Depending on your other pieces, you may be able to use plaid or red charger plates for your holiday settings. You can also create a rustic holiday table setting with ratten charger plates, which are sure to look beautiful with your white or solid-colored dinnerware.

charger plates on dining table

3. Table Setting Ideas For Charger Plates

While it may seem like there are only a few uses for your charger plates, the sky is the limit when you invest in these decorative pieces.

3.1. Pair Your Charge Plates With Other Pieces

The best part of using charger plates is being able to pair them with different serving pieces on your table. Take our rattan charger plates for example, which are sure to look great with our other hand-crafted utensils. You can pair these charger plates with our bamboo straws, wicker serving baskets and woven placemats to create a natural table setting.

You can also pair the charger plates with wooden utensils, such as spoons and bowls, as well as a wood serving tray with handles. When you mix the rattan and wood materials, you are creating a rustic atmosphere at your dinner table.

charger plates with utensils

3.2. Holiday-Themed Settings

There are several holiday table setting ideas that allow you to use charger plates. Our woven charger plates are great for your Thanksgiving table settings, as they add a warm feel to the table. One idea is to place your blue dinner plates on top of the charger plates, with a white pumpkin on top of the arrangements. If you only have white dinner plates, you can place them on the charger plates with orange pumpkins on top. Regardless of the colors you choose, you can place the entire arrangement on your woven placemats.

Of course, you can also use your charger plates as part of your Christmas table setting. Imagine your red charger plates under your white dinner plates, with red linen on top of the arrangements. Another idea is to use gold charger plates under your white plates for a more elegant Christmas dinner. If you love to decorate with patterns, you may prefer plaid or floral charger plates for your holiday table settings.

Xmas table setting

Chargers also add a touch of beauty to your Halloween party table, read more about it here

3.3. Charger Plates For Special Events

There is nothing like using an elegant charger plate to enhance a special occasion. Our Nacre plates make great wedding chargers because they are beautiful and colorful, but the design is not overwhelming. In fact, you may find our selection works with your color scheme. You can also use white, silver or gold charger plates for your wedding. Use the charger plates for just your wedding party, or provide enough charger plates for all your guests.

table setting in special events using charger plates

Are you throwing a party for a 20th or 50th anniversary? The inlay design of our Nacre plates is perfect for this event. Of course, you can also use our rattan charger plates to add a touch of rustic beauty, which is perfect for a natural theme. It may be best to use white dinnerware with these charger plates, but this also depends on the rest of your table settings.

You can also use charger plates for a birthday party, as there are various designs to fit the event. Keep it simple by choosing white charger plates, or use the plates to add a splash of color to the table. One idea is to invest in charger plates in the guest of honor’s favorite color or pattern. You can use the charger plates under your dinner or serving plates, depending on the type of birthday party you are hosting.

Whether you are choosing a rattan or glass plate, a charger plate adds an elegant touch to your event, regardless of the color or design.

charger plates in special party

4. Charger Plates Are Beautiful and Eco-Friendly

It is no secret that charger plates add an outstanding look to your table settings. This is why they are such popular pieces, especially since they come in a variety of styles. Use wooden or wicker charger plates to enhance the vibe of your event, from an elegant holiday party to a rustic birthday celebration.

charger plates can be eco-friendly


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