Enhance Your Gardening With Stylish, Eco-Friendly Products

Whether you are growing flowers in the backyard or herbs on the porch, gardening is a great hobby for everyone. You have the opportunity to forget your problems and help a small seed grow into something beautiful. Of course, you’re going to need supplies such as planters for your garden. Enhance your gardening with these stylish, eco-friendly products.

Woven Plant Pot Holder Cover

Let’s start with your porch garden, which may include herbs, vegetables and certain flowers. You are going to need to place them in pots and planters, so why not display them in style with wicker pot and planter covers? The covers add a rustic charm to your garden while protecting the planters. You can even find the covers in several color schemes to fit your style.

Woven Plant Pot Holder Cover for your garden

The cover is made of seagrass to create an eco-friendly, sustainable product. When it comes to centerpieces, you can go as bold or simple as you like. For an easy rustic table centerpiece idea, grab 3 mason jars, add faux or real flowers and place in the center of your table. That’s it!

Macrame Planter Hanger

Another way to display your backyard or porch garden is with a planter hanger, especially if you are looking to start a vertical garden. In fact, it is a great way to grow your cherry tomatoes, strawberries, mustard greens and dwarf lavender. It is also ideal if you are starting a garden in a smaller space.

eco friendly Macrame Planter Hanger

The hanger is made of straw jute for an eco-friendly but durable product, and it works for both indoor and outdoor gardens.

Wall Hanging Baskets For Storage and Small Plant Holder

Now, here is another option for both indoor and outdoor gardens. For your porch and vertical gardens, you can use it as a small plant holder. Hang it from a hook on the interior wall or backyard vertical garden wall for your smaller herbs and flowers. Another option is to use it for some of your smaller gardening tools, such as unopened seeds, hand shovels and hand rakes. Hang it on your porch or in your shed or garage to keep your tools safe and in one place.

Wall Hanging Baskets For Storage

Round Planter Caddy With Wheels

If you are planning a garden with bigger plants, you are going to need an easier way to transport them, especially if you are carrying them across the house or yard. Instead of carrying them, you can roll them on a round planter caddy with wheels. The caddy is made from structured steel and covered in seagrass to create a product that is sturdy and eco-friendly. It also features a stabilizing lever to lock the caddy into place, which is great if you are also using it as a plant stand.

Round Planter Caddy With Wheels

You can find a range of gardening, outdoor and home goods on MadeTerra. The products are made of eco-friendly materials to help you live a greener lifestyle, but the products are also stylish and durable to ensure they meet your needs. In fact, you can rest assured that the products are tough enough to withstand frequent use, especially when you are tending to a garden.

When you are ready to start your garden, be sure to order the supplies you need to make it an enjoyable experience.


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