Creative Ways to Set a Romantic Table for Two

Romantic table settings can be a challenge for anyone without experience, especially when setting a romantic table for two in your home. Most restaurants have romantic table settings. But romantic dinner dates at home have been proven to be better as they allow couples to be more intimate with each other.

A romantic dinner date at home has the potential of being very special. Apart from the reduced cost compared to eating out, eating in the comfort of your home with your partner can be truly divine. But then, setting a romantic table for two can be challenging if you do not know how to set a romantic table or if you lack the necessary tools to make a romantic table setting. Here, we explain how to achieve a romantic table setting for two from the comfort of your own home.

romantic table setting for two beside fireplace

Choosing a Location & Decorating the Dinner Table

Yes, it is your home, but you are planning a special romantic table setting, not just the usual family dinner. It is advisable to look for a spot, preferably where you and your partner haven’t eaten before. The garden would be a perfect example. After getting the perfect spot for your date night, the next important thing is the romantic table decoration for two. The romantic atmosphere can be achieved with the beautiful decorations on the dinner table.

romantic table setting at garden

Choosing the Wine, Appetizers, Main Food, and Dessert

Now, your evening has started. The first thing to push forward is to introduce the drink. The most romantic drink for a dinner date is red wine. Make a bottle available, but if your partner is not a wine drinker, you have to make whatever they drink available. It is essential to have water on your dinner table also. You don’t want to have to go to a water dispenser or refrigerator in the middle of a conversation or meal. Your appetizer and dessert should be light and simple treats; you do not want to feed your partner so much they would not be able to eat the main meal.

The main course of the evening should be a home-cooked meal. One of the pecks of a romantic dinner table at home should be the availability of home-cooked meals. The meals should not be time-consuming; if you will spend a lot of time cooking, you should start earlier in the day. You should also resist adding too many ingredients like garlic and onions, which could change the romantic feel for the night.

wine for romantic dinner


A romantic dinner table at home gives your partner the homey feeling that trumps the taste of even the best restaurants anywhere in the world. The aim of a dinner date is to spend quality time with your partner, and that is best achieved by a romantic table setting for two at home.


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