Rustic Wedding Table Decoration Ideas

Are you looking to create a beautiful rustic wedding table setting? Use these eco-friendly pieces as your rustic modern wedding decor.

Your wedding is a special day in your life, so it is understandable that you would want the wedding of your dreams. Whether you are planning on modern wedding decor, a rustic wedding table setting, or even both, it is very possible to bring your ideas to life. You are going to find that the most simple items can fit your vision, such as a table setting with chargers and baskets.

Dream Wedding With Modern Rustic Table Settings

Are you in the early stages of your wedding planning? Are you looking to choose the decor for your tables soon? You can start planning your wedding by checking out the following unique table settings.

Charger plates for wedding table decor

You may be wondering, “What are wedding chargers, and why do I need them?” A charger plate is more of a decorative base for your dinner plates. They are great for protecting your table while adding a formal look to your settings.

If you are looking to create a table setting with chargers, you may want to start with wicker charger plates. Available in rattan brown and white-washed, these eco-friendly charger plates are perfect for adding a rustic vibe to your table. If you are looking for a way to enhance your rustic modern wedding decor, consider mother-of-pearl inlay charger plates, which are available in various colors to fit your scheme.

wedding table decor with wooden charger plates

Rustic tiered baskets for wedding table decor

There is nothing like serving fresh fruit at an outdoor wedding, and you can create a beautiful display with a three-tier woven bowl basket. The baskets are made of wicker to create an eco-friendly, durable piece for any rustic wedding. You can hang the display above the catering table as your own fruit bowls décor, or you can use the baskets to create a unique wedding table centerpiece on a budget.

rustic tiered baskets for wedding table decor

Rustic food covers for your wedding table

Of course, the last thing you want at an outdoor wedding is for insects to buzz around your food. You are going to find outdoor food covers to be a lifesaver in this situation. Each dome-shaped cover is handmade of bamboo to keep your food safe from insects, wind and other issues. You can use these bamboo covers to protect your food before, during and after your wedding reception.

food covers for your wedding table

Wooden Wine Rack Stand

Whether you are serving wine or champagne at your wedding, your rustic wedding table setting is not complete without a wooden wine rack stand. Designed to hold two bottles of wine and two wine glasses, it is the perfect addition to the bride and groom’s table, which is where the wedding toast usually takes place. If you are not looking to serve wine or champagne, you can use this wooden stand for two bottles of water.

wooden wine rack stand for your wedding table

As you can see, you do not have to stress or break the bank to create a beautiful table setting with chargers, baskets and a wine rack. Whether you are looking to create a rustic wedding table setting or enhance your modern wedding decor, you can find a range of durable, eco-friendly pieces on Made Terra.

If arranged with style in mind, you can use your serving dishes as your centerpiece, saving you time and money. Paired with gorgeous table settings complete with charger plates, your table will take on an air of elegance without a cluttered table-scape.

rustic wedding table decor


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