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5 Easy Updates to Your Farmhouse Dining Room

June 01, 2020 3 min read

5 Easy Updates to Your Farmhouse Dining Room

Updating your dining room is easy and doesn’t have to take thousands of dollars to do. Just a few tweaks to items you already own, or some simple additions will change the whole look of your room. Soon you’ll be loving your dining room so much that your fancy table settings with charger plates won’t be used only when guests come over, but incorporated into your every day use!


When it comes to centerpieces, you can go as bold or simple as you like. For an easy rustic table centerpiece idea, grab 3 mason jars, add faux or real flowers and place in the center of your table. That’s it!

farmhouse dining table centerpiece


To up your table-scape, add a table runner in lace, burlap or jute to keep on the farmhouse vibe, or go for a bright and bold design with loud colors and whimsical patterns. Place a wicker basket bowl in the middle of the table, filling with fruits, moss balls or dried flowers.

wicker bowl basket for rustic table setting


For a pop of color and happy addition of greenery to the room, add a striking plant, placing it in a jute plant pot cover, keeping with the calming and natural tones.

Fresh Flowers

It sounds too good to be true, but fresh flowers can make a huge difference to a room. Buy native wildflowers to match your rustic table centerpiece, playing on the simple and natural finishings, or add bunches of flowers around the room for a sweet smelling and gorgeous view.

farmhouse dining room

Place Settings

Just like flowers can provide a simple update, how you set the table can change the whole vibe of a room without putting in too much work. Table settings with charger plates elevates the table, taking it from an everyday meal to something special, no matter if you’re eating a light lunch or throwing a dinner party.

farmhouse table setting with charger plate

Decorative charger plates can be as bold or simple as your tastes or your feelings that day. Go with the mismatched look for a fun take, or match your charger plates to your serving-ware or table design.


When it comes to the dining room, or eat-in kitchen, it takes more to transform a room than just focusing on the table. When looking to update your space, look towards wall décor for your dining room that will make a bold statement.

An oversized painting can add a glamourous dynamic to the room, while a gallery wall will give it a more family ambience. Try hanging your wall with some large and outstanding ornaments- an Oriental Fan or a set of wall baskets will absolutely look stunning! Go with your tastes!

farmhouse dining room wall decor


An update that will make a huge difference? Light fixtures. If they’re old and dated, or chipped and worn, it’s time to replace them. Go big with a grand chandelier, taking it as traditional or funky as you desire and watch as your room sparkles.

farmhouse rustic dining room

Serving Dishes

If you’re loving the farmhouse look, you can add onto your rustic table centerpiece with wicker serving baskets. Add stone colored linen cloths to your baskets that uncover delicious eats like warm bread.

farmhouse rustic table setting with charger plates

If arranged with style in mind, you can use your serving dishes as your centerpiece, saving you time and money. Paired with gorgeous table settings complete with charger plates, your table will take on an air of elegance without a cluttered table-scape.

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