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MadeTerra Star Rattan Bags Awarded Amazon Choice Badge

May 08, 2019 4 min read

MadeTerra Star Rattan Bags Awarded Amazon Choice Badge

"Handicrafts belong to a world existing before the separation of the useful and the beautiful."

Over the past few years, MadeTerra has been working with the local people in Vietnam in villages such as Phu Vinh, Ha Thai, and Kim Son to honor their traditions of handiwork and artistry and bring the work from the palms of their hands to the shoulders of people all over the world. In the last year, we’ve successfully begun to transport and sell these unique, handmade straw and leather bags from the small villages of Vietnam to all around the world.

MadeTerra’s vision is to do business differently, putting our people and planet first, and it’s with this vision that we proudly receive Amazon’s Choice award for our Star Rattan Bags. The fact that MadeTerra products have achieved this badge speaks volumes about their popularity and functionality.

MadeTerra’s straw products originate in the 400-year-old village 25 kilometers outside Hanoi Vietnam called Phu Vinh. The women of Phu Vinh have passed down their tradition of artisanship in bamboo and rattan handweaving from generation to generation. It’s been MadeTerra’s privilege to partner with these talented women to produce these chic, handwoven bags.

Vietnamese Artisans Making Straw Bags

The artists along the Red River have been working and handweaving for years, through hard times and good times. It is a beautiful culture filled with love, passion, personality, intelligence, laughter, and skill, and these skills have brought them livelihood, community, strength, bonds, and so much more.

We at MadeTerra are committed to the long-term relationship we have with them consisting of fair wages and ethical business tactics. MadeTerra is a direct-to-consumer, online, handmade company dedicated to bringing this authentic Vietnamese handcrafted history to the world; we are part of a pioneering maker-to-market movement, providing a way for you to intentionally shop for ethically-sourced products and to connect with artisans in our handicraft villages. It is in this way that our vision of doing business differently, putting our people and planet first, is being fulfilled.

Your Impact

Every time you purchase from MadeTerra, you’re making an impact not only on Phu Vinh, but also on the world. We’ve been able to see firsthand what an impact these purchases make on the women making them, their families, and their communities. Aside from the financial gain, the fact that the skills they have enhanced and developed over generations as a community are not only accepted by the world, but even loved, enjoyed, and coveted by them, places such a feeling of honor and hope in their hearts. They are inspired by yours and our partnership with them to create more products, to try new designs, and to develop their artistry further than they have before. Young women are excited to take over the work, more than they ever could have been in the past, now that they see the profit and honor in handweaving.

When you participate with MadeTerra by purchasing our products, you get to work together with us to preserve indigenous legacies, all while spurring innovation and designs. Finally, you’re promoting greater equity in world trade based on dialogue, transparency, and respect while contributing to sustainable development by offering better trading conditions to, and securing the rights of, marginalized producers and workers – especially in the South. So often in our western world, we forget to look into where are products are coming from and how they are being made. But the fact of the matter is that so much of what’s sold to us has been made unethically. This is not only harming the living conditions of those involved, but ultimately ours, as well, as it eventually comes full circle.

Fair Trade is becoming so much more crucial as marginalized people are abused and taken advantage of more, products are made more cheaply, and landfills are filled to overflowing.

What are we producing?

MadeTerra offers a cute 8-inch bag, perfect for both the night out and the casual walk around the city. Each Rattan Bag comes with natural rattan cane that's processed more carefully than that of our competitors. This means that there's little to no smoke odor – something that most cane processors are not able to achieve. We use genuine leather for our straps and clasps to ensure durability and a luxurious looking product. The inner liner is extremely durable, sewn with dual layers instead of just one. Finally, stylish and fun pom poms accentuate the exterior, making these a truly unique accessory. Customers get to choose whichever interior suits them – floral or polka-dot.

What is “Amazon’s Choice”?

When a product is marked “Amazon’s Choice,” it means that many buyers have purchased it and thoroughly enjoyed it. Amazon is able to see how a product is doing through their reviews data. If you hover over the icon, you’d see a description that reads: "Amazon's Choice recommends highly rated, well-priced products available to ship immediately."

Made Terra Rattan Bags Awarded Amazon Choice Badge

According to Amazon’s rules and procedures, an “Amazon’s Choice” product almost always has particular characteristics. First of all, an “Amazon’s Choice” product would be popular and frequently bought by customers who searched the same things you did. Additionally, it would have a high customer rating as well as a low return rate from the customers who had purchased it. An “Amazon’s Choice” product is always available to ship quickly through their Prime membership. Though it may not be one of Amazon’s own products, it would be shipped by Amazon itself. Finally, the product’s price is extremely competitive.

The fact that Amazon is labeling MedaTerra’s Star Rattan Bag with an Amazon Choice Badge means that this product that has been woven together by Vietnamese village women and flown across both seas and continents meets all of these criteria.

So, what are you waiting for? Get one now, and help to change the lives of those living in these rural Vietnamese villages as well as the global economy and environment. Take your Star Rattan Bag with you on your day at the beach, and use it for your dinner date at night. Work, play, formal, casual – our bag is meant to be multi-purpose and multi-functional. Though it’s small and unobtrusive, it easily fits your smartphone, keys, and several other items you’d like to carry with you wherever you go. Join us and our lovely friends in Vietnam today!

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