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Gorgeous Rattan handbags for Your Spring and Summer Outfits

May 09, 2021 3 min read

What’s a better way to put together an outfit than by choosing the perfect handbag that goes with the style and look you’re wanting to wear for the day. Our authentic Vietnamese handmade Rattan handbags are perfect for adding some flare and color to your outfit.

All of our Rattan handbags are handmade by artisans living on the Red River of Hanoi Vietnam. Here at MadeTerra, we also pride ourselves on working with sustainable materials and production so that we can create a positive change towards fossil fuel use and waste.

So, when you purchase from us, you’re supporting our sustainability efforts as well as our skilled artisans who put much time and energy into your organic and high-quality rattan bags and purses.


Our Rattan Bag Styles are versatile and can be customized to each customer who shops with us. They come in different sizes and colors and are made from organic materials like bamboo, rattan, and straw. Here are a few of our favorites.

Star Round Rattan Bag

It’s perfect for summertime and helps to add a different style or an extra element to your outfit. It was inspired by the design of Eastern Ancient Drum and represents cultural values and traditions. It might look simple at first but take a closer look and you’ll see a beautiful handmade star woven into the purse on the side. It’s big enough to bring some extra items for with you without feeling like you’re being weighed down by the bag.

Brown Round Rattan Bag

This brown rattan purse features a rich brown color and is the perfect add on for simple and relaxed outfits. Its brown beehive design is simple but brings in a deep color and is perfect to carry your essentials with on a nice spring day.

7-inch Black Rattan Round Crossbody Bag

Black is a color that goes good with every outfit and every style, which is why we adore this bag option. You can wear this summer crossbody bag with a simple look or go a little more lavish and wear it out on a cool night.

Square Rattan Purse

Made to add a natural element to your day, this small crossbody bag will help add dimension and a different rattan bag style to your look. It has a chic square wicker straw design and is the perfect add-on for a day out with friends or family. You can even choose to add one of our three pompoms to hang from the side and add more color to the bag.

White Round Rattan Crossbody Bag

This trendy bag allows you to add color to your wardrobe in a simple and light way. The white crossbody bag has a beautiful weaving pattern and is simple to wear but still able to catch many people’s attention.


Because we are passionate about climate change and the waste we produce as a society, we value all of our skilled artisans who make working with eco-friendly materials and sustainable production so easy. When you buy your Rattan handbags from us, you’re directly affecting people’s lives and bringing positive change to our environment.

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