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Cotton Banneton Basket vs Common Banneton Basket

April 29, 2021 3 min read

Cotton Banneton Basket vs Common Banneton Basket

There are many banneton types available to the home sourdough baker, in this article we will provide a range of options and our personal recommendations when choosing a bread proofing basket.

What Is A Common Banneton Basket

The most common material for creating bread proofing baskets is with rattan cane. Cane is a malleable yet firm material which is produced by peeling the skin of the rattan vine. The natural breathability of cane absorbs a small amount of moisture when proofing, this then creates a drier crust which is well suited to containing wet doughs and for scoring decorative patterns.

Other popular materials for banneton bread proofing baskets include wood pulp bannetons, plastic bannetons and lined bannetons.

What Is A Plastic Banneton

Plastic bread proofing baskets are generally the least expensive option and therefore popular for large-scale productions. Commercially designed baskets are often made from polypropylene which is dishwashable and stackable for high volumes. Rather than the traditional method of dusting the proofing baskets with flour, the plastic banneton is best lightly coated in a neutral oil before adding the dough. Unlike the cotton or cane baskets plastic bannetons do not allow air flow, do not absorb excess moisture and have less distinctive designs.

What Is A Cotton Banneton

Cotton bannetons are a unique version of bread proofing baskets, formed from coiled cotton rope. Each coiled basket is one of a kind with its decorative design making each piece multi-purpose, the baskets can also be used as a fruit bowl, bread bread, potpourri bowl, mail bin, key holder or general home decor.

What Is A Wood Pulp Banneton

The wood pulp proofing baskets are predominantly made in Germany from compressed wood pulp sustainably sourced from German Spruce trees. As a recycled product this form of proofing basket is environmentally friendly and is formed of thick, sturdy material.

The density of wood pulp bannetons does not provide air flow or temperature flow so is best suited to doughs which suit insulated temperatures.

What Is A Lined Banneton

A linen liner can be applied to cotton bannetons, rattan cane bannetons and wood pulp bannetons. The linen reduces the imprint that the basket makes allowing for smooth doughs to be produced. Benefits also include extra absorption of moisture for sticky dough and an ease of transfer when preparing to bake.

Similarities of Cotton Banneton Basket and Common Banneton Basket

When learning how to use banneton proofing baskets the technique for both the cotton banneton and regular banneton is the same. Although these products are two different banneton types, both should be dry before use then dusted with rye flour or rice flour. Each basket serves the same purpose to shape loaves in their final rise, especially sourdough breads. Both cotton baskets and more common baskets imprint a unique pattern on the loaf, prevent spreading and encourage a deeper crust.

Difference of Cotton Banneton Basket and Common Banneton Basket

The primary difference between the cotton banneton and the cane options is of course the materials. The cotton rope is more durable than cane or wicker as a thicker, denser material, the common banneton can become frayed or chipped and may be more likely to build up mould if not properly maintained. The cotton is tightly coiled ensuring a long lasting piece of equipment which is lightweight and damage-resistant.

The second difference between the cotton banneton and the cane bannetons is their appearance. The cane proofing basket is attractive and would be well suited in any kitchen environment, however the cotton basket is a distinctive piece and deserves special placement on display.


Both the cotton banneton basket and the common banneton basket provide dough with structure, design, presentation and breathability which develops the texture of the bread. Whether choosing a cotton banneton basket or any other form of bread proofing basket the purchase can be made with confidence when supplied by Made Terra.

As pioneers of the maker-to-market movement we guarantee our products are ethically and authentically sourced. Promoting handcrafted, traditional bread proofing baskets which are created by skilled artisans to maintain the quality of the products and the livelihoods of those making them.

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