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Why Your Rabbit Needs to Chew

July 03, 2020 2 min read

Why Your Rabbit Needs to Chew

Have you noticed that your bunny likes to chew? Don’t be alarmed. This is perfectly normal behavior.

That being said, you do need to make sure your rabbit doesn’t chew dangerous items. That can be accomplished by getting the right indoor accessories for your pet. Keep reading to learn more.

What’s Causing My Rabbit to Chew?

As already mentioned, chewing is a normal rabbit behavior. Bunnies are always chewing because their teeth are constantly getting longer.

Chewing keeps this growth under control but neglecting this natural instinct allows the teeth to become too long.

No wonder your rabbit likes to chew!

Although you should allow your bunny to chew certain items, don’t let your furry friend gnaw on everything. Some items are dangerous for bunnies.

Plus, we are pretty sure you don’t want all of your possessions to be destroyed by your pet. It might be slightly embarrassing to have teeth marks all over your furniture!

Why my rabbit needs to chew


You should keep your rabbit from chewing on:

  • Anything that is toxic.
  • Items that could cause an upset tummy.
  • Items that create intestinal blockage.
  • The possessions and furniture you would like to keep nice.

You need to find indoor accessories for your pet that are safe for chewing. These supplies can be used to direct your rabbit’s chewing choices away from dangerous items.    

How Can I Keep My Rabbit (and My Home!) Safe?

Good rabbit care requires keeping your precious pet safe while giving your bunny plenty of opportunities to chew. This will also protect your possessions and furniture from damage.

Here are some great tips for a new bunny that will help you accomplish that:

  • Keep dangerous items far away from your rabbit.
  • Set up baby gates to keep your bunny away from especially dangerous areas of your home.
  • Don’t punish your rabbit for chewing on unsuitable items. Just redirect your bunny to a safer option.
  • Buy rabbit house supplies (like sea grass pet accessories) that are made for safe chewing.
seagrass pet accessories

Rabbit House Supplies for Chewing

Allowing your pet to gnaw on rabbit-approved items will keep your rabbit from harm. But what exactly can your bunny chew?

First, let’s go over a few examples of what your bunny should neverbe allowed to chew:

  • Fabric
  • Carpet
  • Soft rubber
  • Metal
  • Plastic toys
  • Small pieces that can be swallowed
  • Wood
  • Painted objects
rabbit chews

Now, let’s talk about one of the essential rabbit care items that every indoor rabbit house must have.

Chew sticks!

why my rabbit chews


There are plenty of indoor accessories for pets on the market, but you have to carefully choose the right options. Keep in mind that common chewing materials can cause GI distress and stasis if your bunny ingests too much of them.

You can avoid this problem by giving your four-legged friend a few rabbit house supplies that actually help, instead of harm, your fur baby’s digestive system. So, what material is best for your pet accessories?- An example would be sea grass pet accessories. Seagrass contains beneficial fiber that aids digestion.

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