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How To Make Cat Happy

How To Make Cat Happy

Are you struggling to make your cat happy? Learn how to avoid this struggle. Take care of your cat by using the four cat care tips discussed in this article.

a girl playing with bunny

How to Take Care of a Baby Bunny

Rabbits, especially baby bunnies, are some of the cutest and most entertaining animals a pet parent can have. With their floppy ears and adorable tails, bunnies tend to melt our hearts, but we also must know how to take care of baby bunnies and help rabbits be as happy and healthy as possible…

How to Train Your Bunny

How to Train Your Bunny

Rabbits are intelligent little creatures that can easily be trained. If you would like to train your bunny, read this article to find out what you can teach your pet to do.

a bunny raises his feets

Why You Need to Protect Your Bunny’s Feet and How?

It’s commonly believed that bunnies living in wire rabbit cages are in danger of developing sore hocks. Is this true? And if so, how do you protect your fur ball’s feet?

That’s what we are going to cover in this article.  We will also discuss the rabbit house supplies you need to prevent sore hocks. 

Why Rabbit Needs to Chew

Why Your Rabbit Needs to Chew

Have you noticed that your bunny likes to chew?  Don’t be alarmed. This is perfectly normal behavior though you do need to make sure your rabbit doesn’t chew dangerous items. That can be accomplished by getting the right indoor accessories for your pet.  Keep reading for more

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