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Reflect Your Personality With A Living Room Decor Style That Matches Your Character

February 19, 2021 3 min read

Reflect Your Personality With A Living Room Decor Style That Matches Your Character

Learn how to update your living room to reflect your personality, from the living room style types to items that work for each interior living room design.

It is always fun to come up with an interior living room design that showcases your personality. Of course, you want to explore different living room style types, as well as elements such as your decorative pieces and home décor wall, to figure out what represents you. Use the following tips to determine how to update your living room in a way that reflects your character.

Simple Interior Design

There is nothing wrong with wanting to stick with a simple interior living room design, but you can still use certain items to add a little pizzazz without overdoing it. One example is a tissue box cover rectangular made of rattan, which can be added to and removed from your tissue box as needed. Another way to keep your design simple but appealing is to invest in an adjustable plant stand for your beautiful greenery.

Traditional Interior Design

For a traditional design, you want to stick with stylish pieces that are warm and welcoming. Imagine a natural woven fruit basket full of delicious snacks, but it also doubles as a wall hanging décor to add a fun twist to this traditional idea. When you are not looking into wall hangings, you can look into bamboo trays and nesting crates to place on your European-inspired coffee and side tables.

Rustic Interior Design

You are going to find that creating a living room rustic style is a lot of fun, especially when you consider the choices for your space. You can use wooden and natural pieces to create a farmhouse-style home that is warm and cozy. Wooden crates and bamboo trays can enhance the rustic look of a distressed coffee table. For your home décor wall hangings, you may enjoy the style of macramé wall hanging wood art or the function of wooden wall shelves.

Boho Interior Design

If you are someone who enjoys the freedom of decorating in your own way, you are sure to love creating a Boho style living room. A Boho living room gives you the opportunity to really stand out, with items ranging from a coconut bowl design to a fabric hanging tapestry. Other items may include a woven fruit basket, macramé wall art and a bamboo tray. You are going to find that some items fit both the Boho and rustic interior design.

Introverted Interior Design

When looking into living room style types that reflect your character, you can create a living room designed for an introvert such as yourself. Start by looking into furniture with clean lines to boast simplicity, but use your wall-mounted shelves and nesting crates to add spaces for your hobbies. A mini-library on your shelves or art supplies in your crates can be helpful when you are ready to spend some time alone.

Extroverted Interior Design

Of course, you may want to learn how to update your living room for an extrovert instead, especially if you are a social butterfly. Think of items that can help you entertain guests, such as coconut bowls, bamboo trays and fruit woven baskets. Macramé wall hangings such as wooden art, rattan mirrors and crescent moon decor can create a welcoming space for your guests.

It is not hard to create an interior living room design that reflects your character, especially when you consider the various living room style types. Once you determine how to update your living room, you can find pieces for your coffee table, shelves and home décor wall at MadeTerra.

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