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Multiple Uses of Belly Baskets In Your Green Home

October 14, 2019 3 min read

multiple use of a belly basket

If you are looking for a simple but functional piece for your home, look no further than a  belly basket . From the adorable design and earth-friendly materials to the large storage capicity and the carrying handles, you can find multiple uses for a belly basket in green your home. In this guide, you can learn more about the belly basket, and how it can be used as both a decorative piece and storage solution.

What Is A Belly Basket?

You may have noticed an increase of belly baskets on social media and home design websites. If you have never heard of this piece, it is a basket that has been handcrafted with natural materials. The basket comes in handy for storing and carrying a variety of items.

What is a Belly basket?

Features of A Belly Basket

There are several features of a belly basket, making it a functional and practical piece for your home.

Eco-Friendly: As you know, a belly basket is made of 100 percent natural materials. When you order from our website, you can rest assured that our baskets and other products are durable and sustainable, as we are dedicated to creating high-quality products that fit your eco-friendly lifestyle.

Foldable Belly Basket
Foldable: A belly basket is foldable, allowing you to adjust the height as needed. If you only need a small basket, or if you need to store it under your bed, you can gently push it down to decrease its height. You can also leave the basket popped up for maximum storage.

Versatile: You can use a belly basket in a range of areas or situations. A basket that was once used for carrying items can become a part of your indoor garden. You are going to learn more about the multiple uses of a belly basket later in this guide.

Advantages of A Belly Basket

A belly basket is full of advantages, making it a beneficial piece for your household.

Fits Your Eco-Friendly Lifestyle: Like many others, you are probably committed to your eco-friendly lifestyle. When you order a belly basket, it is handcrafted without the use of a factory or machinery, reducing your carbon footprint.

Eco- friendly Home Decor
Adds Style To Your Home: A belly basket  is more than just a functional piece. It also adds style to your home. The baskets are handcrafted in several shades, and some baskets even include a pattern to create a fashionable piece. A belly basket also complements your wicker basket, so do not be afraid to add both pieces to your space.

Perfect For The Whole Family: Belly baskets are perfect for the whole family, as they can be placed in just about any room of your home.

Multiple Uses of A Belly Basket

You may already be thinking of the many ways you are going to use your basket, but here are a few ideas of what you can do with this piece.

Living Room: Use a belly basket in your entrance for shoes, or place it behind the couch for extra linen. If your living room features a reading nook, you can use the basket for your magazines, which stands out from a traditional magazine rack.

Kitchen: Push a smaller belly basket down to create a fruit or vegetable basket. It can also be used as a storage solution for your seasonal dish towels and pot holders.

Bedroom: A belly basket makes a great laundry basket in your bedroom, or you can use it for your extra blankets or decorative pillows.

Children's Bedroom/Playroom: In addition to a laundry basket for children, a belly basket is great for storing their stuffed animals, favorite blankets or play pillows.
Belly basket as toy storage
Bathroom: Use a belly basket to display your rolled towels or toilet paper rolls, or to hide any personal items you may not want displayed.

Other Uses: A belly basket makes a great plant holder in any room, disguising an ordinary pot as a handcrafted piece. Another idea is to line up several baskets in your hallway as a “lost and found” area.

Carrying Items: With durable handles, you can use a belly basket to carry items such as linen, toys or magazines to another room. Belly basket can also be styled into a perfect handbag for your weekend trips!

Belly basket as handbag

From the multiple uses to the stylish exterior, investing in a belly basket or two is a great idea for your home.

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