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How To Decorate A Small Bedroom For Girls

March 09, 2021 3 min read

How To Decorate A Small Bedroom For Girls

From elegant bedroom wall décor to fun candle holders, you can find a range of ideas for decorating a small bedroom for girls.

It may seem difficult to find elegant bedroom wall décor when you are working with a smaller space, but this could not be further from the truth. There are many space-saving ideas that are visually appealing, from wall hanging decorations to hanging plants indoors.

Are you ready to transform her space into a cozy, relaxing bedroom? You can get started by keeping the following bedroom ideas for girls in mind.

Fun With Wall Decor


It is always fun to look into wall hanging decoration, especially when you can create elegant bedroom interiors with these decorative pieces. One idea is to look into a rustic macrame wall hanging to place above her bed, such as a star-shaped tapestry. Then again, she may prefer a wooden crescent moon wall art for her room. Of course, she can always pair the star and moon wall decor to create one amazing display. Another idea is to look into a beautiful wall hanging fan for her bedroom.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

You can enhance her elegant bedroom wall décor by investing a hanging mirror. A hanging mirror not only creates a place for her to put on make-up or quickly check her appearance, but the mirror also reflects light to make her bedroom feel bigger. You can find a variety of beautiful mirrors that are made of natural materials, such as a rattan mirror or macrame wall hanging mirror. This way, she can learn more about an eco-friendly lifestyle while still adding style to her bedroom. She may even decide to use both mirrors as a way to make her space feel bigger and brighter.

Create A Warm Glow With Candles

If you are looking for cozy bedroom ideas for girls, look no further than candles. Ideal for teenagers, candles are great for creating a warm glow in her bedroom. It is perfect for reading her favorite book, relaxing as she watches the rain or watching a movie.

Of course, she is going to need a candle holder for her candles. One idea is a coconut candle holder lantern, as it is stylish, unique and functional, and it can easily be placed on her nightstand or dresser to create a simple but gorgeous display.

Stylish Storage With Woven Baskets

When looking for stylish ideas for girl bedroom decorating, it never hurts to think outside the box with different storage solutions. For example, a macrame wall hanging fruit basket can be used for more than just produce in the kitchen. She can use it for school supplies near her desk, electronics or small stuffed animals near her bed or body sprays near her hanging mirror. Macrame woven baskets are great for bedroom designs ranging from chic to rustic, and they create extra storage without taking up additional floor space.

Add Color and Texture With Greenery

You do not have to take up additional floor space to add color and texture to her bedroom. All you need to do is look into hanging plants indoors, such as a Boston Fern, Golden Pothos or Spider Plant.


A sturdy macrame hanging planter shelf is a great way to add elegance to her room while making it easier for her to access her plants as needed. If she is looking for other wall hanging planters for her greenery, she can always look into woven hanging pots for her bedroom.

There are many bedroom ideas for girls that offer style and function without taking up a lot of space in her small bedroom, such as hanging plants indoors and investing in wall hanging decorations. You can find a range of elegant bedroom wall décor on MadeTerra.

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