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DIY Halloween Outside Decorations To Try This Season

September 30, 2021 3 min read

DIY Halloween Outside Decorations To Try This Season

Use these tips and common items to come up with DIY Halloween outside decorations for your home.

Halloween is just around the corner, and you may be excited to show off your DIY Halloween outside decorations. From pumpkin baskets to hanging skeletons, you can easily create your own Halloween decor without breaking the bank. The best part is, you can create your Halloween decor with common household items.

Are you ready to get creative and make your own Halloween decorations? Check out the following DIY Halloween ideas for decorating outside.

It is easy to come up with ideas to decorate for Halloween outdoors when you think outside the box, such as turning a piece of wall art into a hanging ghost. Start by decorating a sheet in a ghost design, and then drape the sheet over your hanging Natural Woven Fruit Basket Bowl. The face should be visible to your guests. Tie the bottom closed with white ribbon or yarn, and then hang your ghost on your porch.


Halloween Welcome Mat

Why not turn an ordinary doormat entry way welcome rug into a Halloween welcome mat? Add a seasonal pop while keeping it simple by sprinkling Halloween-themed confetti on your seagrass Semi Circle Woven Indoor Doormat. Once Halloween is over, you can easily vacuum the confetti off of your doormat. It is a great way to decorate for Trick-or-Treaters or your Halloween party, especially if you need any last-minute ideas.

Wicker Pumpkin Baskets

When it comes to DIY Halloween outside decorations, do not forget about your woven bowls and baskets. Turn a Bowl-Shaped Wicker Basket into a pumpkin with an orange wicker basket cover and black construction paper. You can also turn a hanging woven basket into a fun pumpkin for your porch by following the same directions as the hanging ghost, except you are going to use an orange sheet and ribbon.


Hanging Basket of Skeletons

What could be more fun than creating a basket of skeletons? Start with a 2-Tier Woven Wall Hanging Basket. If you can find your hanging plant pot holder in black, then even better. There are plenty of stores that carry skeleton decor during the Halloween season, so pick up whichever works for your display. Place the skeletons in the baskets to hang on your porch, and you are sure to get the attention of your Trick-or-Treaters or party guests.


Warm But Spooky Glow

A lantern candle holder goes a long way when creating scary Halloween decorations for outside. Start with a set of two black Bamboo Candle Holder Lanterns, and place them near your hanging ghost or skeletons to create a warm but spooky glow. For a not-so-scary illumination, you can place the lanterns near your pumpkins instead of the ghost or skeletons. If you are worried about flames near your decor or the Trick-or-Treaters, switch to LED tea-light candles for the night.



From wicker baskets to hanging plant holders, you can easily create your DIY Halloween outside decorations from durable, eco-friendly items. You can find the items you need for your DIY Halloween décor for outside at MadeTerra.

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