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Decorate Your Backyard With Beautiful, Eco-Friendly Pieces

October 29, 2020 3 min read

Decorate Your Backyard With Beautiful, Eco-Friendly Pieces

There is nothing like spending time in your backyard, from enjoying the weather alone to hosting a small gathering with friends. The best part is finding pieces that really bring your backyard to life. You can decorate your backyard with the following beautiful, eco-friendly pieces.

Outdoor Wicker Sofa Set

Perfect for your patio or backyard, this wicker sofa set is designed for the outdoors. It can withstand the weather while adding style and comfort to your exterior. The set comes with two single sofas, one loveseat, one tea table and pillows. Imagine curling up with a book on the sofa or entertaining guests around the table, all while enjoying the weather.

Woven Area Rug

A woven area rug is a great idea for adding a little pizzazz to your patio or deck. This lightweight rug is made of natural seagrass to create a gorgeous, eco-friendly rug for outdoor and indoor use. It is also foldable and easy to maintain, making transporting and cleaning it a breeze. Use it to decorate for an outdoor gathering on your deck or host a picnic in your backyard.

Hanging Wicker Planter and Pot Cover

If you are planning to decorate a covered deck or patio, consider a hanging wicker planter and pot cover. It can also be used to cover floor planters, making it a versatile product for your backyard and home. The cover is made of rattan with a round frame to create a unique, stylish piece for your exterior. It is sure to look great with your outdoor sofa set and woven area rug.

Woven Candle Holder With Glass Cup

Whether you are spending the evening with a book or friends, you can add a warm glow to your backyard with a candle in a woven candle holder. The glass cup inside creates a safe, convenient way to display your candle. This woven candle holder is made of seagrass in a lantern-style design, making it a great option for an evening at home, gathering with friends or a special backyard event.

Woven Food Tent

It is fun to enjoy a snack outdoors, but the weather and insects can put a damper on your experience. What you need is a bamboo food tent cover to protect your snack from the wind and insects. It is a food-safe option that gives you a peace of mind as you enjoy your snack in the comfort of your own backyard. A woven bamboo food tent cover adds convenience, function and style to your outdoor table.

From a unique candle holder to an entire furniture set, you can find beautiful, durable outdoor products on Made Terra. Every item is handmade of eco-friendly materials in Vietnam to bring you a selection of sustainable products. In addition, Made Terra also ensures the talented artisans in Vietnam are able to showcase their work and improve their lives and community.

If you want to add a little style to your exterior while living a greener lifestyle, consider the above outdoor decor for your backyard.

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