Bedroom Themes Ideas That Work For Couples

When it comes to bedroom themes ideas that work for couples, it is important to compromise on your décor and storage solutions. You can get started by checking out these bedroom decorating ideas for couples.

Compromising is a huge part of being married, and coming up with bedroom themes ideas is no exception. You want to use decorative pieces that work well together, but you also want to create a bedroom that both of you are going to love. The good news is you can find a range of great bedroom ideas that use neutral elements such as mirrors, storage and greenery. By neutral, these are elements that can work with several bedroom decorative styles.

Bedroom Themes Ideas That Work For Couples

Are you and your spouse looking to upgrade your bedroom? Here are several bedroom decorating ideas for couples to keep in mind for your project.

Welcoming Doormat

When looking for bedroom decorative styles that work for both of you, start with a welcoming doormat. Yes, you can actually place a doormat at the door of your bedroom. A doormat is especially a good idea if your bedroom features a door to the patio or backyard, or you can use it to create a warm atmosphere on your balcony. One example is a leaf-shaped woven doormat handmade of natural seagrass, as it is fitting of various styles and seasons.

Welcoming doormat made of seagrass fibers

Hanging Wall Decor

You can also find hanging wall decor that fits several bedroom themes ideas, such as a rustic or Bohemian bedroom. A hanging tapestry or giant wall hanging fan can add color and texture to your space, while a rustic macramé wall hanging enhances your current interior design. Your macramé decorative pieces may include a crescent moon or round wooden fiber art. You can even find rattan crescent wall art to fit several bedroom themes.

Rustic wall hanging decor

Macramé Hanging Mirrors

Speaking of wall hanging decor, macramé hanging mirrors make great ideas for a bedroom makeover. You can invest in several beautiful mirrors to reflect light and make the space feel bigger, plus it gives you each a spot to quickly check your appearance before starting your day. You may choose a wooden macramé wall hanging mirror because it can fit styles such as beach, modern, farmhouse and rustic.

macrame hanging mirror for bedroom decoration

Stylish Storage Solutions

If you are looking for other great bedroom ideas, you never want to skip on your storage solutions. You can find storage solutions that work for both of you, from wooden boxes to floating shelves.

Imagine a beautiful Mother of Pearl inlay decorative wooden box on your nightstand for keepsakes, jewelry or art supplies. A wall-hanging floating shelf works for candles, books or framed photographs. You can even invest in woven belly baskets for extra linen, lounge clothes or laundry.

stylist storage box for decor

Touch of Greenery

When choosing bedroom decorating ideas for couples, you can never go wrong with greenery. Greenery does more than just add texture and color. It also creates a relaxing, healthy environment. Once you choose your greenery, you can find several options for displaying it in your bedroom. If you are looking to use wall hanging planters, you can choose a woven hanging plant pot or a wooden hanging plant shelf. You can even look into an adjustable plant stand for displaying and moving your larger plants.

greenery bedroom decoration

There are plenty of great bedroom ideas to choose from for your space, and you can find a range of items that fit these bedroom decorative styles. The key is to figure out which bedroom themes ideas work for both of you.


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