Author name: Alex

Hi, my name is Alex Ng, a painter, nature lover and craftsman. I make handmade home goods as side hustle. I love to share my passion and lessons when practicing an eco-friendly and healthy lifestyle.

eco friendly home decor have many advantages

The Advantages of Using Eco-Friendly Home Decor Products

The advantage of using eco-friendly home decor is to use natural products because they are very reliable, affordable, and environmental resources. They have crossed the best reputation in the market, and these will never be finding out away anytime soon. With the modernizing of engineering technology, you can now get knowledge into industrial sustainability practices.

rye sourdough benefits and recipe

Rye Bread – Benefits And Recipe

Rye is a grass which is harvested as a grain and a member of the wheat family. Whereas wheat has a neutral flavour, rye contains a distinctive bitter and sourness which is present once baked. The unique flavour and many health benefits have caused a rise in interest for rye bread, as people move away from processed products and towards natural unprocessed alternatives.

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