Oval Woven Bird Nest Cage | Natural Grass Hideaway Bird Hut, Safe For All Birds

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  1. Measurements: 4.7" x 5.1"
  2. Materials: Grass

In search for a cozy home for your feathered friends? Check MadeTerra Vase- shaped Bird Nest cage out!

  • Unique shape: in for something different for your pet bird? This vase- shaped nest is what you are looking for. The design allows your bird to rest cozily and securely. They may even play hide-and- seek with you when they are in the mood for it!
  • 100% Pet Safety: dedicatedly handcrafted from natural grass, this woven bird nest is absolutely a safe habitat for your birds to settle in. It can be a fun toy for your bird to peck at as well: you can be completely assured of its safety.
  • Sturdy and endurable : Our artisans handcraft this nest from the best- chosen grass and to the perfect thickness that it can last for years and years without wearing out a bit.

Get your little feathered friends this amazing nest now!

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