Rattan Bag Purse (Hexagon) | Summer Essential Straw Handbags for Women

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  1. Measurement: 7.1" x 7.8 " x 2.5" (+/- 0.2")
  2. Material: Rattan , Genuine Leather/ PU Leather
  3. Color: Natural

We fall in love with this bag just by the first glance:

  • Unique Design: You don't see this straw bag everywhere on the market. Designed and dedicatedly handcrafted to the greatest details by talented Vietnamese artisans, this rattan bag is absolutely THE one- of - a- kind.
  • No Bad Smell : Bags made of rattan or other natural materials could get very smelly- but it's not the case for ours. Thanks to the long and strict-ly controlled processing step our materials go through, our rattan bags are guaranteedly free of bag odor.
  • Adorable and Sustainable: Cute yet sturdy, this bag can be used in many years to come without wearing out or going out of fashion.


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