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If you're on the quest for a banneton (bread proofing basket or proving basket or brotforms in German), you've come to the right place. Our selection of bannetons varies in sizing and more, meaning you can find the basket that fits your at-home baking needs, whatever they may be. And each one is handmade in Vietnam, making it a purchase you can actually live with through every baking endeavor.

Take your time sifting through the options we have in store. After all, you can't rush the breadmaking process itself, so why start now? When you're ready, choose your very own banneton from our options below so you can get started on proofing your next batch of sourdough.

Our bannetons or bread proofing baskets or brotform (in German) are crafted by the hands of skilled artisans in Phu Vinh, a 400-year-old village nestled 25 kilometers outside of Hanoi, Vietnam. This region has built a foundation on bamboo and rattan artisanship, with the handcrafting of these materials being the skills that have gotten them through tough and happy times alike.The artisans here are producing a large array of handmade products including straw rattan bags, cabe banneton proofing basket (brotform) and other home accessories. MadeTerra works with these artisans on the premise of long-term partnerships and fair wages, and that is an unwavering fact. Here you could see the how a rattan cane banneton is made.

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