Handy Tips for Sourdough Beginners

Even if you have followed exactly the recipes and instructions on baking a sourdough bread, there is a high likelihood that your dough turns out differently from what you wanted. Learning from your experience is important for your improvement on baking and so is learning from other fellow sourdough bakers. Our friend, Inna, who has been baking incredible sourdough breads for years, has some tips to share with you:

1. Take good care of your starter

Now, it all starts from there! Every sourdough-head knows that starters are like your pets. Remember to treat them as lovingly and gently as you can.

Sourdough Bread Starter

2. Be patient

You cannot rush your dough. Take it slowly.

You cannot rush your dough

3. Choose the best ingredients

We all know that ingredients are the key in any recipe. And for sourdough, the key of the key is flour. Different kinds of flour bake different kinds of bread!

Choose the best ingredients

4. Have the basic equipment

Baking a perfect sourdough bread with your bare hands could be challenging! Of course, you need the help of baking equipment.

sourdourgh bread baking tools with banneton

See sourdough banneton in different shapes and sizes

Don’t worry, you do not have to spend too much on them. Watch the video above to find out Inna’s suggestions for every sourdough bread baker’s essential kit!

5. Know your dough…

…Which means you have to practice, bake again and again. Pay attention to every mistakes you ever made and learn from them.

practice, bake again and again

Mastering sourdough baking takes time and patience. You just cannot expect to succeed the very first time you bake. One thing for sure, however, you can learn from your mistakes and others’ experience, practice baking and with the help of the right equipment, your baking will surely get better and better!


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