4 Spooky Farmhouse Halloween Decor Ideas

Make your farmhouse Halloween decor ideas spooky by checking out these tips—they’re unique, sustainable, and easy to do!

Using farmhouse Halloween decor ideas may be one of the easiest ways to make your home spooky this year. That’s because fall is the favorite season of a farmhouse style. And the abundant supply of Halloween decors makes it even more perfect for turning your home spooky and fun. What’s even greater is you can add sustainable materials to your decorations, such as the following:

1. Make Your Pumpkins Fly and Glow

Make your pumpkins unique this year. Instead of the usual pumpkin decorations, you can turn them into glowing pumpkins with wings. By using wall fan decors, you can add wings to your pumpkins. What’s best about these fans is you can use them as wall decorations after Halloween.

Halloween Decor - Make your pumpkin flow and grow

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To make them glow, attach a lantern candle holder inside the pumpkins for the candle. Then, light up the candles inside and watch them glow in the dark.

Lastly, you can hang them on your ceilings so they can appear like they’re flying.

2. Decorate Your Farmhouse Halloween Mantel

Your mantel is another part of your house where you can use your farmhouse Halloween decor ideas. Make a story from it by using a wall fan decor as a backdrop. To make it spooky, you can paint it black or white. Then, cut out newspapers shaped into a witch or vampire and paste them on the wall fan decor.

Decorate Your Farmhouse Halloween Mantel

You can also add pumpkins around it. Or add some candles to illuminate the decors at night.

Below it, add a plant pot holder where you can put the wood for the fireplace. That way, you can complete a modern farmhouse Halloween decor vibe.

3. Turn Your Entrance Spooky

Of course, your farmhouse Halloween decor isn’t complete without making your front door spooky.

You can start by framing your door with beautiful elements of a farmhouse style, such as dried corn stalks. Then add a skeleton or grim reaper as a guard. On his side, add rustic woven bowls where you can place the small pumpkins or skeletons together. This will help in making the front door an entryway to a cemetery.

Halloween Decor - Turn Your Entrance Spooky

To add more farmhouse decor, use a woven doormat with shades of black to blend with the Halloween vibe.

4. Create a Haunted Kitchen

Lastly, your kitchen is another spot where you can have a farmhouse Halloween decor idea. For instance, you can add orange cookbooks on the shelves to match the color of the pumpkins. Then, add a letter board with creepy letterings welcoming diners.

Decorate the top of the counter or center aisle with paper knives if you want to make it more haunted. That way, it would look like knives would fall any time.

Halloween Decor - Create a Haunted Kitchen

You can also use a fruit basket with tiny pumpkins and skulls as centerpieces. And to complete the vibe, use rustic charger dinnerware to place your bloody candles. These candles are available almost everywhere to make your Halloween decor spookier.

Whether you plan to turn your home with a farmhouse vibe or it’s already your home design, then turning it Halloween-ready is easier. Just add some pumpkins, skeleton, and other Halloween decors to make it spooky. Then, reuse your rustic home stuff so that your guests would enjoy a farmhouse Halloween theme.


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