3 Intriguing Reasons Why Cats Sleep So Much

Are you wondering why cats sleep so much, and you’re curious about knowing when you should be concerned? Well, you should start by understanding the nature of your pet.

Diverse research has shown that young cats sleep for about 16 hours per day while older cats sleep all day with an estimated 20 hours of sleep. Clearly, this is one of the weirdest facts about cats, given that they sleep almost two-thirds of their lives. Since pet cats are not often involved in rigorous activities, questions about the reasons behind their long sleep have been regularly asked, especially by cat lovers. Is it normal for my cat to sleep a lot? Or why does my cat sleep all day? More intriguing is the fact that cats snore when they are not lying in a good position. If you identify with these questions, this article is for you. It will take you through some proven reasons why cats sleep so much.

cats sleep so much

Energy Conservation

Cats are born with hunting instincts that make them chase whatever they can prey on very hard. These feline explorers use a lot of energy in their pursuit of prey. Their long sleep serves as a means of conserving their energy. Cat sleeping is the means of preparation for their next hunt and energy burst. To converse energy, cats sleep for up to 16 hours. Cats sleep for these long hours because the energy they get when they sleep is as important as what they get from food and water.

cats sleep on bed

Weather Triggers a Cat Sleeping Attitude

While you’re wondering why cats sleep so much, one of those reasons can be related to a human-like quality. Like humans, cats’ sleep is affected by the weather condition of their environment. During cold weather or winter, cats are likely to sleep longer and more frequently than during hot weather conditions.

In their bid to maintain their body heat, cats often search for a very warm place.

cat sleeping on a book

Animals Sleep Longer When They’re Bored

Domestic animals tend to sleep longer when they’re inactive, much more gifted sleeping pets like cats. Being active is one of the primary instincts of cats. However, when they are not stimulated, they become bored. Felines doze off like normal people, but they sleep in a position where they can easily jump into activity. If there was an activity at that point, the fifteen to thirty minutes could be turned into a moment of excitement. If you intend to reduce the sleeping time of your cats, consider earmarking space for a catio where your cat can enjoy the company of toys during the day.

cat sleeping in a blanket

Final Thoughts

The reasons why cat sleeps so much aren’t entirely down to instinct and biological reasons only. Sometimes, cats sleep long hours because they are unhealthy, and they prefer isolating themselves at such times. The most painful type of sickness they face is obesity or being overweight. If your cat has so much weight, it will likely remain in a particular position as they often experience pain when moving.


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