10 Reasons Why Straw Bags Are Must-Have

There are straw totes, purses, satchels, hobos, diaper bags, beach bags … straw for every occasion. If you need an ultra-unique bag then straw handbag will be a good choice. A beaded straw handbag is rarely beaded in its entirety. In order to get the good design, the handles are very important part of the bag, and these can be eye-catching if this bag have good and attractive handle otherwise it will be consider as simple bag.

girl wearing straw bag on a seaside city

Straw bags for every occasion, style, and budget

The humble straw bag has fast become the go-to accessory for fashionistas and for good reason straw bags are versatile! You can wear it with jeans for a day out in the city, or pair it with a billowing chiffon dress for the beach. From oversized totes to elegant clutches, there’s a straw bag for everyone – no matter your style or budget.

The fashionista’s straw bag

Want to make a statement with your straw bag? Then go for one in a trendy color or that has a unique shape or a bag that features some embroidery (another trend that has stuck around this season)

lady wearing straw bag on street

Lunch with the girls

Big and functional enough to carry your entire life inside it, yet still super stylish – a straw tote is a great investment piece.

Straw bag for a weekend casual

Try a more casual straw bag for the weekend. Get a cute bumbag so you can still run around with the kids or an embroidered sling bag for more practical and wearable fashion

straw bag for a weekend casual

Straw bag for a date night

Tired of sparkly clutches that you can only really wear with that one dress? Then a straw clutch will be your new favorite accessory. Add some edge to a formal dress or dress up jeans and a blazer with your straw clutch.

Straw bags with stripes and denim

Take the iconic straw bag from beachy to nautical when you style it with your favorite striped shirt, a great pair of jeans, and tie a handkerchief around the handle, just for an extra pop.

straw bag with stripe dress

Straw bag with a Mini Dress and Wedges

Do yourself a favor and get a round straw bag. It can be oversized (see above), or a replacement for your favorite crossbody tote, but just do it. You can wear it with all your favorite summer staples, i.e. white dress, wedges, and even a straw hat (the more straw, the better). And okay, maybe feel free to transition it your beach bag (if you’re heading there anyways!

Every woman puts everything in her bag. Wallet, keys, cell phone, tricks, books, a bottle of water and we could go on forever, for this reason, it is very important that the content of the bag are well organized.

straw bag can contain a girl accessories

STRAW BAGS WOVEN from natural, readily available materials—usually dried grasses—have been a practical staple for centuries. “Basket-weaving goes back forever,” said London fashion curator Shonagh Marshall. (Traces have been found in Egyptian pyramids.) Like today’s plastic bags, these baskets were cheap and lightweight—a utilitarian way to carry goods.

Wicker or straw bags have always been evocative of summer. This particular bright piece looked awkward with my head-to-toe black. But it felt lighter. After all, it was my black Gucci bag, slumped in the backseat of our Uber.


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